How To Wear Sweater As A Dress

Let's speak about sweaters. I'd like to share with you these inspirational images of ladies who appear in sweaters worn as dresses. These stunning designs will for sure make you look amazing. There are so many lengths, styles and colors to choose from. Believe me, this stunning staple is a chic option for winter months. But how yo wear them in your everyday life? There are thousands of awesome ways, starting from cinching the waist with a belt or throwing on a pair of tights.

Sweater Dresses (1)

Go for a relaxed and sexy style that can be updated with ladylike white high-heels.

It's so much versatile and can be styled many different ways, by adding statement jewelry, edgy boots or eye-catching layers. You can add knee-high socks, lace relaxed dress underneath, so that the frock peeks out from underneath. If you want to make it look sophisticated, then I recommend to add cool layers, like a statement trench. Don;t forget to play with proportions.

Sweater Dresses (2)

The cable knit look is a must-have for all those women who wants something chic and elegant.

Sweater Dresses (3)

Burgundy colored version is a must-have for those women who love sophisticated touches.

Sweater Dresses (4)

Update your outfit with eye-catching gold jewelry.

Sweater Dresses (5)

Keep it cool and chic with high socks and lace-up flat shoes. If you want to add a modern touch then I suggest you to try on classic aviator sunglasses.

Sweater Dresses (6)

Finish the white looks with awesome white leggings, knitted beanie and gloves.

Sweater Dresses (8)

The zig-zag striped option is a must-have for those ladies who love wearing bright looks.

Sweater Dresses (9)

We see a light grey option that is finished with high black boots.

I have already told you about the cinching knitwear with a belt. If your frock is too much relaxed, then you better contour it with a wide belt, defining your silhouette. I personally love to see ladies wearing edgy styles wit knee-high socks and cool boots finished with a structured coat and cosy scarf. The tights will look great when paired with looser-fitting sweaters. Anyway, I think it's time to check out some inspirational looks that for sure will inspire you.

Sweater Dresses (10)

Sweater Dresses (11)

The side slit looks sexy, don;t you think so?

Sweater Dresses (12)

Sweater Dresses (13)

Sweater Dresses (14)

Sweater Dresses (15)

Sweater Dresses (16)

Sweater Dresses (17)

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