Kimono Inspired Dresses

There are thousands of pluses wearing a kimono inspired dress, but I think there are two things that make this gown so popular these days, it's the voguish fit and you can have skinny, curby or plus size body to wear this gorgeous frock. I've tried to create a great selection of kimono inspired gowns that come in great colors, price and designs. This collection includes long kimono inspired gowns, as well as short versions and midi ones. It's true to say that this is most iconic style of out time, as oriental clothing is in huge trend right now. I've got awesome styles for you to try this year, so what are you waiting then? Go through these images and select your one and only piece for showing off your best parts.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (1)

The dark navy belted version with cuffed short sleeves in a number one staple that you should try out.

This year you better inject some oriental flavour into your wardrobe with one of these gorgeous models. This on-trend gown is your perfect choice for a special event, no matter what is the dress code at the attending place. Here are shown chic ways how to wear and style your one and only kimono gown, no matter if it comes with a v-neck, draped bodice, short or long sleeves. These designs will work a chic cocktail look, but don't forget to add sparkling drop earrings for an ultimate look. My personal favorites are maxi gowns that come with drawstring tie under the bust, elongating your silhouette. Anyway, enough talking, let's have a closer look at these precious updates:

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If you are in love with vibrant prints and deep V-necklines, then you better try this sexy style.

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The monochrome black-and-white striped version cinched at the waist with a black belt is a must-have piece for special occasions.

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Dark blue colored maxi version with pink flowers looks simply fantastic

Kimono Inspired Dresses (5)

How about wide-sleeve white lace design? It's a perfect choice for you to try at cocktail party.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (6)

Kimono Inspired Dresses (7)

How about mixing oriental styles with hippie boho touches.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (8)

That's a summery beach style that goes ideal with your rounded sunglasses and sun floppy hat.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (9)

If you are in with long and flowy looks, then try on this sexy white gown.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (10)

Go for a drama queen gown in black color. It's a real must-have for sophisticated women.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (11)

If you would like to try something transparent, then go for this long and sleek version embellished with red florals.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (12)

These two are made for ball parties.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (13)

Kimono Inspired Dresses (14)

That's how you can look at the glamour parties. Just add a snakeskin clutch for a perfect update.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (15)

We see kimono inspired frock updated with a long printed scarf.

Kimono Inspired Dresses (16)

Kimono Inspired Dresses (17)

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  1. Many of these kimono styles were derived from ancient Chinese HANFU garments. The white, flowy dress is distinctly Chinese.

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