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There may be trends, there may be seasons, but one thing is known for sure- pencil skirts are here to stay, as they are versatile and timeless bottoms to wear from season to season. Every woman knows how great this staple is for office, parties and formal gatherings. You can make either relaxed silhouette, polished style or go for a bodycon look. There are thousands of cuts and styles that are both sophisticated and glamour. I personally love structured and sophisticated cuts. If you do like your job and you want yourself a pencil skirt outfit, then I am here to show you some of the best looks to try this year. I am pretty sure you can't go wrong with these awesome styles. Just imagine yourself wearing classic fit bottom with a simple, casual tee? You automatically look formal, as it literally polishes your look.

pencil skirts  (1)

But, really, how easy it is to wear pencil skirt, I mean how should you style them in order to look sexy and hot? The most important thing in pencil skirts is the flattering cut, they fit any body shape like a glove, they elongate your legs and can play up with your curves. But let's speak about styling tips that are very crucial. Keep in mind one very IMPORTANT thing: wear heels! Just imagine yourself wearing stiletto sandals or classic pumps. It's a timeless look that really makes you look sexy. They will flatter any outfit and body. Plus they give you an extra height.

pencil skirts  (2)

pencil skirts  (3)

Well, you can wear flats with these skirts, nobody forbidden it, but you will have that 1950's style back. If you really want to go for the flats, then I suggest you to try sneakers instead of flat pumps. The sneakers will add that special sporty touch or athletic feel which will make you look edgy, trendy and glamour.

pencil skirts  (4)

pencil skirts  (5)

pencil skirts  (6)

pencil skirts  (7)

If you want to try on high-waisted pencil skirt, then go for the cropped tops. You can try on fitted ones, as well as loose crop tops made of different fabrics and colors. I love the vibrant prints that make everyone look bright and unique. Keep it uber sexy and go for 1990's glamout grunge or mix up retro glamour with pop up colors. Don't be afraid of spicing up your look with body jewelry.

pencil skirts  (8)

pencil skirts  (9)

pencil skirts  (10)

pencil skirts  (11)

Just imagine yourself wearing posh pencil skirt with cool tees, sweatshirts or awesome sweaters. I love this statement and effortless touch of leather designs that are worn with sexy stilettos.

pencil skirts  (12)

pencil skirts  (13)

pencil skirts  (14)

pencil skirts  (15)

pencil skirts  (16)

The smashing hot look is the one that combines a pencil skirt with a slit worn with thigh-high boots and chunky turtleneck- that's a hot mamma mia look.

pencil skirts  (17)

pencil skirts  (18)

pencil skirts  (19)

pencil skirts  (20)

If you are wondering about office hours styles, then I suggest you to look for the ones in classic colors paired with silky blouses or chiffon smart shirts. Don't forget about classic pumps!

pencil skirts  (21)

pencil skirts  (22)

pencil skirts  (23)

pencil skirts  (24)

pencil skirts  (25)

pencil skirts  (26)

You might ask me, why do all women love these bottoms? The answer is easy: they are easy to style and can easily go from office to cocktail events. Is there a place where you shouldn't wear pencil skirt? Of course, these are beaches and may be the night clubs. Hope these street style images inspired you to buy yourself a brand new pencil skirt.

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