Lazy Sundays Looks

Fashion Reboot. Are you ready for lazy Sundays look? If yes, then I am here to share with you my favorite simple outfit sets made in Polyvore. Just imagine a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun is shining and the weather is good. What you need is the casual, sweet and ladylike outfit, what is comfy and light. Personally, I am so in love with loose-fit pants worn with embroidered tops, it's a perfect combo for an afternoon casual walk in the park or chill out at home.

Lazy Sundays Looks (1)

Sweet pink cropped tank top looks fabtastic styled with black shorts and brown leather thong sandals.

What is so special about lazy Sundays looks? Well, this outfit is ideal for doing nothing at all. It's a perfect day for unusual looks, so you don't have to crush your head thinking of a sexy outfit, contrary, keep it simple, mix it with anything you want. It can be a little bit of urban, indie style and sporty. Of course, it's your choice and you better keep things relaxed and fun.

Hindi elephant print palazzo pants are ideal for pairing with relaxed fit spaghetti strap tops:

Lazy Sundays Looks (2)

Another fresh look for your one and only lazy Sunday look. We see a white cropped top styled with daisy print shorts and lace-up white slip-ons:

Lazy Sundays Looks (3)

A cozy sweater is another choice for a chilly Sundays mornings. Try it on with mini vibrant skirt, brown leather ankle-boots and blush backpack:

Lazy Sundays Looks (4)

How about wearing abstract print trousers with cream white tank top and chunky sandals:

Lazy Sundays Looks (5)

Tartan mini shorts are ideal for pairing with white T-shirts. Complete the look by adding sheepskin loafers and tortoise framed eye-glasses:

Lazy Sundays Looks (6)

Grey sweatpants can be styled with simple white tee or tank top. Complete the look by adding dark blue V-neck cardigan and thong pool sandals:

Lazy Sundays Looks (7)

You can keep it grungy or hipster inspired. Try on maxi black gown and pair it with cozy light-grey sweater and vintage-looking satchel bag (if you are going for a walk):

Lazy Sundays Looks (8)

That's a perfect chill-out look for staying at home. We see plaid sweatpants, light pink top and matching color uggs:

Lazy Sundays Looks (9)

This one is another cool home staying look. We see a slouchy grey tank top styled with black leggings and high grey colored Uggs:

Lazy Sundays Looks (10)

Sheepskin loafers, light-grey sweatpants and plain white tank top is an ideal outfit for wearing at home:

Lazy Sundays Looks (11)

Maxi black skirt and grey shortened tank top is simple but chic combo:

Lazy Sundays Looks (12)

White top and maxi grey bottom:

Lazy Sundays Looks (13)

Sweatshorts look sweet and sexy paired with dark blue pullover and navy socks:

Lazy Sundays Looks (14)

Another Hindi printed lightweight sweatpants worn with white spaghetti strap top and pale blush loafers:

Lazy Sundays Looks (15)

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