Must Have: Bucket Bags

Have yourself a brand new obsession this season- bucket bag. This year is all about bucket bags. Why? We all are obsessed with retro looking items and this accesory reminds me of 1970's and 90's decades. If you are one of those babes who admires retro vibes, and bohemian cool moods, then its yours must have item. Yes, I can officially declare, bucket bag has a major comeback, thanks to grunge lovers, bloggers and boho lovers.

Bucket Bags (1)

So, in today's life, fashion world offers so many bucket bag variations, starting from printed ones to neon colored and made of denim and leather. The best and bestsellers so far are classic brown, black and white ones made of leather. Indeed, the brown styles are pretty much everywhere these days. Personally, I love the kind of individuality, chicness and retro touch of this accessory.

Keep it cool and relaxed wearing black colored leather bucket bag with elongated light grey pullover, cuffed boyfriends and Birkenstocks:

Bucket Bags (2)

Bucket Bags (3)

Bucket Bags (4)

Bucket Bags (5)

The great advantage of this bag is the functionality, what allows you to carry everything what you need and want in one single bag. I am totally in love with structured styles, big sizes what are great for offices. If you think what clothes might look good with bucket bag, then I suggest you to keep your look basic and monochromatic. Just imagine yourself wearing a totally black outfit with clean white bucket bag, looks sexy, right? Or you can go head-to-toe white and pair it with brown or black bag.

We see black leather style worn with white tee in black grid styled with light blue denim cut-offs:

Bucket Bags (6)

Totally black look is simply insane! Love it:

Bucket Bags (7)

Go for a white dress, cover it with a big denim jacket, and complete the look by adding suede slouchy boots, wide-brim hat and big black leather bucket bag:

Bucket Bags (8)

Bucket Bags (9)

Bucket Bags (10)

That's an office-friendly look:

Bucket Bags (11)

Fringed brown leather style can be incorporated with simple white tee and vibrantly printed trousers:

Bucket Bags (12)

A sexy black semi-transparent maxi gown looks pretty awesome worn with brown leather bag:

Bucket Bags (13)

Keep it hippie inspired thanks to this denim jumpsuit worn with white peep-toe mules and light-brown bucket bag:

Bucket Bags (14)

This posh-looking bucket can look sweet, smart, elegant, printed, colored, minimal, expensive and flirty. Anyway, you can style it with pretty much anything you want, but I love to see it paired with retro and relaxed style outfits. What do you think of this accessory, tell me in the comments:

Bucket Bags (15)

Bucket Bags (16)

We see a sexy black slim-fit look what is completed with light bright brown bucket bag:

Bucket Bags (17)

Bucket Bags (18)

Bucket Bags (19)

How about wearing a glamour style outfit? We see white blazer worn atop black and white striped tee paired with cuffed boyfriend jeans and light red pumps. In love with red leather bag:

Bucket Bags (20)

Bucket Bags (21)

Bucket Bags (22)

Bucket Bags (23)

A quilted design with chain handle looks pretty sweet to me:

Bucket Bags (24)

Bucket Bags (25)

Bucket Bags (26)

Bucket Bags (27)

This one fringed suede design from Burberry looks hippie inspired:

Bucket Bags (28)

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