Must Have: Lace Shorts For Summer

I’m seriously obsessed with this awesome must have trend that is called lace shorts. In today's post I want to draw your attention to the best ways to wear this awesome trend this summer. As you've already noticed, these bottoms look perfect with everything. The great thing is that if you are afraid of wearing on fully laced design you can try on denim style embellished with lace detail. This garment can be worn virtually with anything and everything.

Lace Shorts (1)

How about combining these shorts with your lovely chambray shirt for a casual summer day?

You can try them on with cool chambray button-up for a casual feel, go for a more classic smart-casual update and try them with striped top and cool leather jacket, short-sleeved turtleneck for a cool retro touch, you can even try on some semi-formal essentials, like a shirt, tie and cool tuxedo (wear necktie a bit loosely tied), you can even go for a leather top which will add a little bit of edginess to your overall outfit. Speaking of footwear, then everything depends on your overall outfit. It can be booties, cowboy boots, dressy heeled pumps, ankle strap pumps or cool, dressy flats with a kind of mannish touch. The accessories line can include clutch, cool vintage handbag or awesome watches. In other words these on-trend shorts can go with formal staples and easygoing basics. They are fun, versatile and super sexy. I personally love the way they are styled with professional and punk-rock garments. There are lots of interesting and stylish ways to dress them up. Everything depends on your personal choice. Anyway, I am here to help you with inspiration by sharing these amazing styling updates that will surely help you to think over your next day look.

Lace Shorts (1)

Speaking of denim, then I advice you to try on this denim cut-offs that are embellished with white lace. Try them on with your lovely silk spaghetti strap top.

Lace Shorts (2)

Lace Shorts (3)

Lace Shorts (4)

Lace Shorts (5)

How about wearing pale pink belted styles with your favorite white tank top and completing the look with an eye-catching neckpiece and cool watches.

Lace Shorts (6)

Lace Shorts (7)

Lace Shorts (8)

Lace Shorts (9)

How about wearing a pale white pajama set updated with lace? That's a sweet uniform for your boyfriend.

Lace Shorts (10)

Another great must have is this rich blue colored option that can be styled with white silk blouse.

Lace Shorts (11)

Keep things sultry and hot by teaming your white shorts with stocking like pantyhose.

Lace Shorts (12)

Lace Shorts (13)

The denim button-down look great tucked in white lace shorts that are belted with skinny brown belt.

Lace Shorts (14)

Lace Shorts (15)

Well, you can always try no top with your best shorts! ;)

Lace Shorts (16)

Lace Shorts (17)

Lace Shorts (18)

Lace Shorts (19)

Lace Shorts (20)

Lace Shorts (21)

Lace Shorts (22)

Lace Shorts (23)

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