Nothing to Wear? Here Are New Outfit Combinations!

Are you having such dilemma: No matter how full your closet is with clothes, there's still nothing to wear! Well, if you've got such "problem", then I am here to help you darling. I know how frustrating it feels like to stand in front of your closet packed with loooots of clothes and thinking: "Shit, I have nothing to wear for today!" Yep, the closet is full of expensive staples what you haven't even worn. If you have the same situation, then it's the right time to RE-ORGANIZE your wardrobe. I have collected these marvelous outfit combinations using pieces you already own (I am pretty sure you've got all these clothes, if not, use your imagination). Get inspired now, as I have plenty of Polyvore sets for you:

New Outfit Combinations (1)

Everyone has that pink spaghetti strap top, right? Try it on with cool casual dark blue mini shorts and tortoise sunglasses. You can complete the look by adding eye-catchy jewelry and accessories.

A white dotted dark blue sleeveless top will ideally fit your white skinny jeans. Complete the look by adding thong sandals and pretty jewelry:

New Outfit Combinations (2)

A blush loose-fit long-sleeve top can be styled with white shorts, thong sandals and tortoise Wayfarers:

New Outfit Combinations (3)

How cute is this blue tank-top? You can try it on with your favorite pale pink, salmon pink mini shorts and cool straw fedora hat:

New Outfit Combinations (4)

Pastel turquoise tank top can be styled with cuffed dark blue denim shorts and pastel turquoise trainers. Simple but sweet and eye-catchy:

New Outfit Combinations (5)

Go for a maxi skirt and team it with white tank top and pale green semi-sheer sleeveless long vest:

New Outfit Combinations (6)

Here we see a sport-casual tomboy outfit what consists of a dark blue pullover, white shorts, cool loafers and aviator sunglasses:

New Outfit Combinations (7)

A pale sky blue high-rise trousers will ideally fit your white tee and light grey knit cardigan. Complete the look by adding pastel sky blue accessories:

New Outfit Combinations (8)

Go for a cropped top and pair it with cream white wrap maxi skirt. You can complete the look by adding transparent sunglasses, folder clutch and chunky sandals:

New Outfit Combinations (9)

White skinny jeans can be paired with blue-white tartan shirt and white-blue striped tote bag. I am so in love with white peep-toe wedges:

New Outfit Combinations (10)

Yep, that's Sunday lazy look. We see pale burgundy pullover, black leggings , nerd eye-glasses and sheepskin loafers:

New Outfit Combinations (11)

A dark blue buttoned cardigan can be styled with white lace tank top and mini flared skirt:

New Outfit Combinations (12)

Go for a black dotted red blouse and style it with your favorite blue jeans and checkered flat pumps:

New Outfit Combinations (13)

When it feels like boho-chic. Go for a paisley printed turquoise white tunic and team it with denim shorts and cream camel bucket bag:

New Outfit Combinations (14)

There is kind of grunge touch in this look. We see a grey pullover with black long sleeves teamed with black leggings, tribal print backpack and thong sandals:

New Outfit Combinations (15)

An everyday sweet outfit. We see a ruched grey blue cardigan paired with pink top and multidotted midi flared skirt:

New Outfit Combinations (16)

How about hipster touches? Try on casual grey tee, dusted grey skinnies, hipster satchel bag and worn-effect boots...and don't forget your nerd eye-glasses:

New Outfit Combinations (17)

Lazy Summer Sunday look. We see lace embroidered white spaghetti top, cream grey tank top, denim jean shorts and glamour flat sandals:

New Outfit Combinations (18)

Grunge is back. We see tartan shirt, high-waisted denim shorts, Clumbaster nerd eye-glasses and white trainers:

New Outfit Combinations (19)

Light grey tee, black skinnies and flat pumps. Complete this simple look by adding a printed scarf:

New Outfit Combinations (20)

Turquoise semi-sheer long-sleeve top and summer shorts. How about adding speeskin home boots:

New Outfit Combinations (21)

White-yellow striped long-sleeve top looks pretty cool with classic fit jeans, white trainers and yellow tote bag:

New Outfit Combinations (22)

Long white-blue striped top can be styled with pastel turquoise slim-git jeans and classic flat sandals:

New Outfit Combinations (23)

Pale blue long sleeve top will ideally fit your favorite white shorts:

New Outfit Combinations (24)

Khaki-green shirt and ripped jeans:

New Outfit Combinations (25)

A summery everyday look is what you really need to refresh your closet:

New Outfit Combinations (26)

If you are young lady, then I recommend you to try on a shortened black and white tribal print long-sleeve top, high-waisted flared mini blush skirt and white trainers:

New Outfit Combinations (27)

White top with sequined shoulders looks elegant and glamour styled with black skinnies:

New Outfit Combinations (28)

Pale muted turquoise top, matching color bag, flat pumps can be styled with short white shorts:

New Outfit Combinations (29)

Make some fun with naval look. Try on striped tee, bright blue shorts, red knitted beanie and sequined flip-flops:

New Outfit Combinations (30)

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