Popped Collars Looks

For some reasons popped collars look extremely voguish. This update has that special 1970's mood that makes every lady look irresistibly attractive. This update look awesome on jackets and coats. Just imagine yourself wearing popped collar trend around the town. Sometimes this trend helps to hide from the cold, but most women just want to look cooler.

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It's a perfect embellishment, I would even say it's an equivalent of awesome sunglasses. This 1970's addiction comes with a retro cool touch making you look like a real rockstar. I personally feel myself like a kind of spy when my hands deep in my pockets. Of course you can try this trend with your favorite shirt or polo, but keep your attitude cool and casual. Plus, you can make some layers, wearing a jumper or sweater underneath your polo.

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Yes, you can try on your favorite shirt with popped up collar worn underneath cool pullover.

Popped Collars (3)

Simple white shirt with stand up collar looks impressive styled with black flared skirt.

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If you are wearing mannish style pantsuit then you can try to pop up your blazer's collar up. This will make you look modern and effortlessly cool.

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Even cropped jackets with popped up collars look stunning.

Popped Collars (6)

The same grey blazer looks chic and impressive. Love this a bit loose-fit silhouette.

Popped Collars (7)

Popped Collars (8)

Black leather belted double-breasted coat looks vintage and very easy-to-style.

Popped Collars (9)

How about wearing dark navy belted coat with a stand up collar? Love these wide lapels making girl look Dracula inspired, but still sexy and sophisticated.

Popped Collars (10)

The shortened denim jacket looks sassy paired with cool camel colored dress.

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Popped Collars (12)

Popped Collars (13)

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Miranda Kerr keeps it hot and sexy wearing a deep V-neck dress and camel coat with popped up collar.

Popped Collars (15)

Even mannish fit coats look hot with stand up collars.

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Popped Collars (17)

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Popped Collars (19)

Popped Collars (20)

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  1. The popped collar is awesome. It is best with a Burberry trench, black leather coat or black leather biker jacket for instant stylish cool.

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