Red Blouses And Tops For Women Best Looks To Wear Now

If you are sick of mixing prints for creating a statement-making look, then I have a great solution for you: RED BLOUSE. The bold color can be a win-win choice for creating a fabulous outfit. I am telling you, everyone is in into red blouse right now. You might think this fiery color is a bit too jarring, but it does look very romantic and ladylike. The key is to combine red blouse with the right bottoms.

Sure, there are ladies who might ignore wearing red, as they find this color to be uncomfortable, aggressive and too bright. If you use bright from top to bottoms, then there might be some truth, but a blouse is an elegant piece that can be nicely balanced out.

For instance, a red blouse and black skirt is a good combo, where the skirt is a neutral piece without any aggressive touches, plus you can complete it with a pair of black pumps and fitted black blazer.

If you want to keep a fresh look, then a red blouse and white pants will be another great combination. You can simply wear a red V-neck linen blouse tucked in white jeans and pair these pieces with a pair of brown leather high boots to add a stylish touch.

If you think boots are a bit heavy, then you can simply wear sneakers instead, for instance, a red blouse with blue jeans and white kicks is a good alternative. Complete this look with a leather black bag to add a slightly elegant touch.

If you are more into mature and elegance, then you can try on a red blouse and black pants combo. Go for skinny chinos and add black pointed toe heels to create a perfect look for work.

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