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Looking for something chic, retro and modern? I've got a fabulous piece what fits description and its name is skater skirt. This go-style is in fashion since the 1950's when ladies used to dance to rockabilly sounds. Today's street fashion is all about skater skirts.

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Purple colored shirt looks fantastic tucked in floral print pleated skirt.

This garment ideally works with any outfit. You can wear it with a cute crop top, no matter if it's long sleeved, lace or boxy. You can complete the look by adding strappy heels and retro inspired shoulder bag. The blouse and blazer will add a preppy vibe, what is perfect for work. Just imagine yourself wearing a crispy white blouse and sharp-looking blazer, looks elegant and timelessly chic. Just add pointed classy heels to achieve ultimate office look.

We see a beautiful black skirt worn with plain white tee and tied chambray shirt:

Skater Skirts (2)

Want something bright, modern, eye-catching and ideal for summery cool parties? Try on this flared, pleated and tailored white skirt styled with bright floral high neck sleeveless top:

Skater Skirts (3)

The grunge effect can be achieved by wearing a loose-fit knitted black sweater styled with burgundy skirt, tights and lace-up boots:

Skater Skirts (4)

Go for a white polka dot shirt and tuck it inside black leather high-waisted skirt:

Skater Skirts (5)

An Italiana style features a white fedora, light blue chambray shirt tucked in black mini skirt:

Skater Skirts (6)

Crop top and blush flared bottom, looks sassy:

Skater Skirts (7)

Grey long-sleeve top can be tucked in scuba inspired pleated flared bottom and paired with knee-high boots:

Skater Skirts (8)

Skater Skirts (9)

How about sea theme? Try on a white tank paired with dark-blue and white striped skirt:

Skater Skirts (10)

Keep it chic, biker chic, by wearing a black leather jacket styled with black top tucked in rose-print red skirt:

Skater Skirts (11)

Another grunge effect is seen in this outfit what consists of a ribbed knit tee paired with plaid print skirt:

Skater Skirts (12)

As you can see from the street fashion images, there are beautiful ideas how you can layer up your skater skirt by adding collared shirt, cozy jumper, leather jacket, knee-high boots, etc. You can even dress down and add a basic tee tucked into skater skirt and completing the look by adding sporty backpack, comfy trainers or kicks. The flared mini high-waisted skirt has become a fashion staple what is a big trend these days. It can be easily dressed up or down for any season, as you can keep your legs bare for summer and play with printed or opaque tights tucked in boots for winter. It comes in so many styles and designs. It can look cool and easy with absolutely anything you want. Anyway, let's have a closer look at some of the best ways to wear it this year.

Skater Skirts (13)

A cozy cardigan can cover your crop top worn with black bottom:

Skater Skirts (14)

Skater Skirts (15)

A striped cardi-blazer, white shirt and blush lightweight skirt is a work appropriate look:

Skater Skirts (16)

Skater Skirts (17)

Skater Skirts (18)

Skater Skirts (19)

Skater Skirts (20)

Tomboy grunge update is seen in this outfit. Love the wide-brim hat, tartan shirt and black bottom:

Skater Skirts (21)

Skater Skirts (22)

Skater Skirts (23)

Skater Skirts (24)

Skater Skirts (25)

Semi-sheer black shirt and sequined skirt are for parties:

Skater Skirts (26)

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