Summer Grunge Style

Say hello to rock, early 1990's and GRUNGE style, as we are here to see some of the best summer grunge style Polyvore sets. I am so in love with this frivolous teenager fashion, when everyone wears whatever he wants. I want back those times when my wall was full of Kurt Cobain posters and other rock band music placards. It's all about carelessness and comfort. Today's modern fashion has updated this style by offering us looks what we can wear for a date or a night out with our friends. Get inspired now and let me know your thoughts. Don't forget to share it with your friends, THANKS!

Summer Grunge Style (1)

The simplicity is the key. Try on grey spaghetti strap dress. Complete the look by adding ankle boots and tying a flannel shirt around the waist.

Grunge is something that you feel inside. Even little details can underline your grunge spirit. For instance, you can fully dressed casually classic, but once you go for Dr. Martens shoes, then you automatically become grunge lover. Grunge outfit is usually made up of muted colors, but you can add pop of colors, like red, so you look more sophisticated. Another great thing about this style is the details: ripped & shredded jeans, jacket, shorts is a must-have. Don't forget about tartan, plaid, flannel, checkered and gingham shirts. They will automatically transform you into grunge lover. Don't forget about studded accessories and other eye-catchy details, what will bring some punk touches to your outfit. Anyway, if you want to know more, then you better check out my Polyvore collection by scrolling down your mouse.

Here we see a shortened sleeveless black leather biker jacket, long light grey top, multi-ripped black skinnies and high-heel ankle boots:

Summer Grunge Style (2)

Another sexy look is here. We see a gingham printed high-waisted mini skirt styled with cropped black sleeveless top, lace-up black ankle-boots and light blue denim jacket:

Summer Grunge Style (3)

How about light blue ripped skinnies worn with sleeveless top with skeleton fuck you hand print and studded trainers:

Summer Grunge Style (4)

The school sporty uniform is another great option to try for a grunge style look. We see black skinnies, combat boots, varsity black and white jacket and simple spaghetti strap tank top:

Summer Grunge Style (5)

Another way of wearing simple garments. Go for black denim shorts, simple white tank top, black bra top, trainers and satchel bag:

Summer Grunge Style (6)

Ripped black skinnies will ideally fit red trainers and black-red gingham, shirt:

Summer Grunge Style (7)

Your first day of school can be grunge inspired. Why not:

Summer Grunge Style (8)

Yep, it's all about simple clothes. We see long white tank top, black skinnies, knitted beanie, aviator sunglasses and black slip-ons:

Summer Grunge Style (9)

A slouchy cropped top can be worn atop grey spaghetti strap top paired with cut-out black leggings and lace-up vintage military boots:

Summer Grunge Style (10)

Leather-looking black skinnies look awesome with burgundy top. Complete the look by adding long see-through cardigan, leopard flats and rounded sunglasses:

Summer Grunge Style (11)

Washed denim dungarees shorts will ideally fit black crop top and military combat boots:

Summer Grunge Style (12)

Nirvana printed simple tee will ideally suit ripped skinnies, black trainers and knitted beanie. Complete the look by adding eye-catchy accessories:

Summer Grunge Style (13)

Lace cross print white t-shirt looks awesome paired with black skinnies and cool black leather boots:

Summer Grunge Style (14)

Ripped grey skinnies, black shirt with patch pockets, white tee and classic trainers, what can be better:

Summer Grunge Style (15)

What attracts my attention in this look? I am so in love with rounded sunglasses, checkered shirt, mini floral black dress and suede combat boots:

Summer Grunge Style (16)

Black frock, tartan shirt and ankle-boots, a classic grunge outfit:

Summer Grunge Style (17)

A printed black T-shirt looks pretty awesome paired with light blue skinnies, high trainers, knitted grey beanie and chunky accessories:

Summer Grunge Style (18)

Another classic grunge look. We see white top with black long sleeves styled with knee-ripped grey skinnies, dark red beanie and cool slip-ons:

Summer Grunge Style (19)

Tartan shirt is a must-have of all grunge lovers. Try it on with your favorite black skinny pants and matching color slip-ons:

Summer Grunge Style (20)

Red top looks pretty sweet styled with ripped high-rise cut-offs. Completed the look by adding kerchief and cool sporty runners:

Summer Grunge Style (21)

Keep it boyish by wearing a black simple tee in white print styled with washed tie-dye high-rise shorts, tartan shirt tied around waist, black combat boots and grey beanie:

Summer Grunge Style (22)

What do I like here? A tribal print rucksack, light burgundy skinnies and trainers. I would change this tee:

Summer Grunge Style (23)

Simple and cool! This is a must-have for me! I am so in love with this NO THANKS T-shirt styled with mini ripped denim shorts and lace-up black slip-ons:

Summer Grunge Style (24)

Use vibrant black and white details to keep it bright and sophisticated:

Summer Grunge Style (25)

You can complete your black look by adding skull accessories:

Summer Grunge Style (26)

The ripped top looks great with high lace-up trainers, navy knit beanie, nerd eye-glasses and grunge accessories:

Summer Grunge Style (27)

How about wearing a front-tied chambray shirt styled with black skinnies, crochet beanie, casual espadrilles and black backpack:

Summer Grunge Style (28)

So, what do we see here? Crop black top, ripped shorts, tartan shirt and our beloved trainers:

Summer Grunge Style (29)

That's what I call evening/night appropriate outfit. We see black skinnies, strapless white top embroidered with studs and studded accessories:

Summer Grunge Style (30)

Black matte leggings can be ideally paired with simple, relaxed fit light grey top and white trainers:

Summer Grunge Style (31)

A spaghetti strap cream white top looks great with cut-out detailed black leggings and vintage looking combat boots:

Summer Grunge Style (32)

Yep, grunge look summer essentials:

Summer Grunge Style (33)

A skeleton green body print on black shirt looks pretty cool. Try it on with your favorite denim cut-offs and trainers:

Summer Grunge Style (34)

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