Summer Looks: Sun Hats Are In Style

What do you know about sun hats? In today's post I want you to see the best summer looks that feature amazing sun hats that are surely be in style for a very long time. This headwear is meant not only protecting your hair from the sun, but it is meant for completing your outfit making you look fabulous. I was looking through pinterest and found out so many voguish designs that I wanna share with all of you. These styles are great for wearing with lightweight ensembles during hot summer days.

Sun Hats (1)

That's a daring monochrome look that is an ideal update for black swimsuits.

If you like walking in the streets during summer time, then I am sure you gonna like these great designs. The thing is that each one of these cool accessories will surely make you look fab and chic. You can try these hats with your favorite sunglasses, starting from cool aviators, cat-eyes to Wayfarers. Speaking of designs, then I advice you to take into consideration floppy and oversized look that is worn by many fashionistas, trendsetters and bloggers. It's a sophisticated piece that can be teamed with cool sun dresses, lightweight suits, playsuits, rompers, jumpsuits and other cool beachwear essentials.

Sun Hats (2)

How about semi-formal look that is ideal for hot summer days somewhere in the Europe.

Sun Hats (3)

Sun Hats (4)

Sun Hats (5)

Sun Hats (6)

The straw wide brim look is perfect for wearing with ruffled white lightweight dress.

Sun Hats (7)

Sun Hats (8)

Sun Hats (9)

Sun Hats (10)

Sun Hats (11)

Sun Hats (12)

This year color trend is neutral shade that has a timeless look and ensures its versatility allowing you to mix and match it with different color separates. Go for black, white, cream or bluish shades. If you thing that your sun hat looks too much minimalistic, then you might try adding a colorful ribbon around it. You can always go for a cool, printed scarf.

Sun Hats (13)

Sun Hats (14)

Sun Hats (15)

Sun Hats (16)

Sun Hats (17)

Sun Hats (18)

Sun Hats (19)

Speaking of bright touches, then you might be interested in embellished designs that look dressy and ideal for more formal event than a beach. If you still want a more colored headpiece, then I advice you to try bright colored or fun print embellished style. Check out these voguish variations and tell me what is your favorite one.

Sun Hats (20)

Sun Hats (21)

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