Sweatpants: How To Wear In Your Everyday Life

What is so special about sweatpants anyway? Forget about sexy shmexy looks and keep things relaxed and easy to style! I am not saying to get rid of chic and glamour dresses, but sometimes we all want and need simple and functional clothes. In today's article I want to discuss sweatpants trend and how to make them look awesome this 2018. I definitely choose sweatpants, instead of super skinny jeans. Trust me, sweatpants are one of those bottoms that allow you to be comfortable in your environment. Indeed, when you are comfortable, you are happy and everything seems to shine and rise. by the way, sweats are sexy, if you know how to make them look hot. If you want to make your sweats look more stylish, then you definitely should take a look through these Polyvore sets. I am 100% sure there will be no problem for you to find looks that can make you look and feel super! One more thing: You can dress up sweats, all you need is to find a perfect combination.


For those who love to wear loungewear, I recommend to try on these cute grey color sweatpants by teaming them with spaghetti strap pastel blue slip tank.

Grey-green colored sweats can be easily paired with a cropped white tank top and basic white slippers:


Be cool and try on something colorful and bright. Go for fuchsia sweats and team them with white lightweight shirt, suede biker jacket and dark blue leather pumps embellished with studs:


If you do like suits, then you definitely should give a try to sweater and sweatpants in matching print. Complete this combo with silvery Oxfords or classic white kicks:


A sporty gym touch is felt in this look. We see number and letter print combo completed with Timberland boots:


brightly printed legging-sweatpants are completed with a basic black tank top and cool black fedora hat. I am so in love with these studded pale-yellow pointy pumps:


Another black and white combination. In love with classic white runners:


Patterned sweatpants look chic, easy to style and wear. Try them on with gold shiny Birks sandals:


If you are one of those art lovers, then go for red sweats, printed tee and heeled pumps:


All in blush color! Keep things sporty and athletic inspired:


Another pair of dressy sweats that looks fashionable and easy to style:


Keep it urban and chic! Try on denim sweatpants by teaming them with classic black pullover and cozy cream-beige cardigan:








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