The Best Outfit Ideas for Sailor Pants

Sailor pants is a timeless trend, what is known in fashion for a very long time. It's an ideal investment, as you can wear it from day to night. The peak of their popularity can be found back in 1960's and 1970's years. This was the time when sailor outfits became ultimately trending in fashion scene. Anyway, sailor pants are bottoms what formerly known for a wide-leg silhouette and side buttons (usually in gold color). Fashion world has modified these pants, by offering ladies wide-leg, skinnies, denim, silky, sweatpant, shorts-length and long versions. One thing unites them all and it's the nautical buttons on sides. Most of sailor pants in today's world are still flared ones and I like it! Anyway, here are my favorite outfit ideas how to wear them this year.

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The best thing about sailor pants is the create of a military-naval inspired outfit. For instance, you can try deep blue wide-leg sailor pants embellished with lovely gold buttons and style them with white turtleneck top worn with matching color cropped boy jacket. It's an ideal look for tall women, but even petite girls can achieve this style by adding heels underneath floor-length pants.

When it feels like you want to try something feminine and sexy. Why not? Go for these wide-legged denim pants and pair them with dressy sleeveless pussy-bow white blouse. You can complete this 1970's look with a pretty shoulder bag and oversize sunglasses:

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If you want to create a more casual and everyday style look, then I suggest you to wear a comfy sweater, like this white one in black Houndstooth print and team it with your lovely dark blue sailor trousers and fancy purse bag:

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Get yourself a comfortable look by wearing loose, sporty sailor trousers paired with striped shirt and white loafers:

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Okay, keep it vintage-inspired and classy by wearing vintage print top in geometric jacquard tucked in high-waisted, wide-legged sailor pants in black color:

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Speaking of glamour, then I recommend to try this fancy looking outfit, what consists of a beautiful trench styled with matching color sailor pants and cropped striped turtleneck. Complete the look by adding freshly bright yellow bag:

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Emphasize your curves and make it look sexy hot We see a beautiful outfit, what consists of black skinny sailor pants with golden buttons styled with crispy white shirt:

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If sailor pants is not for you, then you might like to try sailor shorts. Here we see a girl who is wearing relaxed fit floral blouse tucked in high-rise light red sailor shorts. Complete the look by adding light red clutch and double-cuffed sandals:

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You can keep it fresh and glamour during evenings. We see a modern preppy look what consists of white blouse tucked in navy colored sailor pants. Love the black necktie worn loosely around the neck:

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Go bold and try on sailor pants in light brown color and style them with dark blue sweater:

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