Top 15 Women’s Camel Coats As A Perfect Layer

If you are looking for a perfect layer for this 2018 year that will suit spring, fall and winter seasons, then I suggest you buy a camel coat. This cover-up is one of the trendiest, as it comes with an original color and powerful look. In this post, I am going to share with you my personal top-15 women's camel coats which are great for showing off in the streets. It looks like this staple will never go out of style. Speaking of occasions, then you can sport it whenever you want, starting from simple street walks to shopping and work.

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (1)

We see a relaxed, mannish fit which is paired with a black top and camel-hued trousers. Finish the look by adding tortoise sunglasses.

The fit of this cover-up can be either oversized, classic or slim fitted, but the exaggerated designs are very popular this year. I personally completely obsessed with long coats at the moment. I love the way it makes you feel so unique and individual regardless or what you are wearing underneath. You might think I am strange, but I honestly think every girl needs a camel coat in her closet. You can try them on with distressed denim, cool sneakers, LBDs, Tomboy outfits, biker chic looks, pantsuits and many other trendy outfits. Hope these images will inspire you to buy yourself a pretty camel outerwear.

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (2)

Keep it cool and feminine by adding cream lightweight blouse tucked in skinnies and paired with cool, shiny gold hue booties.

If you would love to wear something cozy for this winter 2015, then I guarantee, this teddy bear version will surely save the warmth of your body. Try it on with your black everyday separates:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (3)

Another light color version looks great with a black turtleneck tucked in high-waisted navy skirt and styled with chunky black booties:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (4)

How about some urban touches in your look. We see a camel cover-up worn atop chambray shirt and ripped slim fit denim bottoms. I love the leopard print flat pumps and black handbag:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (5)

The tailored version looks great atop black tee tucked in leather black pants:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (6)

Here we see a camel outerwear worn atop white shirt and a suede dress. Update this daywear look with a cool golden necklace:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (7)

There is kind of slouchy look in this outfit. We see ankle-length cover-up worn atop slouchy separates:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (8)

Here we see the one which is embellished with florap print. Try it on atop ripped slim-fit jeans and cool sneakers:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (9)

That's what I call business look. We see lady sporting a light camel hued cover-up worn atop formal pantsuit:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (10)

The light camel outerwear is worn atop denim on denim look. I love the indigo straight fit skirt

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (11)

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (12)

Here we see an outerwear worn atop biker chic outfit. I love the biker jacket, light blue shirt and tweed, pleated trousers:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (13)

That's a Dandy versus hipster look. I love the fedora hat, sheepskin camel coat, classic fit black-white shirt and cool boyfriends:

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (14)

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (15)

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  1. Ankle length cover up camel coat. I love it where can I get it? My husband wants to give this to me for my birthday. Thanks Trish

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