Top 25 Sexy Bodycon Dresses

Go with a flow by wearing a sexy bodycon dress this year. I am here to show you my personal top 25 designs. You are going to see perfect looks which are ideal for women with hourlass figures, but it doesn't mean it can not be worn with any other body shapes. I know one celeb who is a huge fan of this type of ensemble and it's Kim Kardashian. Before we move on looking through this year's styles, I want to say couple of words about this sexy essential. Bodycon ensembles are made of thick stretchable fabric making you look slim, but not tightening your torso too much. I have searched for awesome designs that are ideal for showing off your figure and here is what I've found:

Bodycon Dresses (1)

That's an awesome black and white ensemble which can be styled with cool sunglasses and amazing, gold clutch.

It's the staple which gives you an additional sexiness, by showing off some of your summer toned body skin. If you are ready to show off your figure, then you are more than welcomed to take a look at the following styles.If you feel a bit scared of showing your figure, then you can try on a blazer or jacket on to hide any bumps or lumps. But how about plus sized women? If you think it's impossible to wear such dress when you are overweighted, then you are not right, as the bodycon will pack your flab tight and make you look slimmer!

Bodycon Dresses (2)

That's a celeb inspired black look which features a deep neck and long sleeves.

Bodycon Dresses (3)

Bodycon Dresses (4)

Bodycon Dresses (5)

Update your black must-have with a statement glossy gold belt.

Bodycon Dresses (6)

Bodycon Dresses (7)

Bodycon Dresses (8)

Keep it bold and hot. Try this luxe, sequined deep V-neck piece for very special parties.

Bodycon Dresses (9)

This blush look is simply amazing. Try it on with your favorite gold jewelry.

Bodycon Dresses (10)

Bodycon Dresses (11)

Bodycon Dresses (12)

If you want something hot, then I recommend to try on this black color version with mesh striped details.

Bodycon Dresses (13)

Bodycon Dresses (14)

Bodycon Dresses (15)

Bodycon Dresses (16)

Here we see a black sleeveless number with a wide neck. Wear it with chic heels and minimal jewelry:

Bodycon Dresses (17)

That's an amazing black and white striped bodycon number. You can try it on at cocktail parties and creative events:

Bodycon Dresses (18)

Keep it bold and sexy with this maxi gown in black and white. I love the white lace torso:

Bodycon Dresses (19)

Amp up your look with this black dress. It has a tank top and ruched bottom. This staple would look great with silver clutch and neutral pumps. I love the way Kim is wearing it:

Bodycon Dresses (20)

That's what I call eye-catching red piece. Try it on with nude pumps and classic handbag:

Bodycon Dresses (21)

Here we see another great nautical striped strapless ensemble with long sleeves:

Bodycon Dresses (22)

Here we see a gorgeous black look which is great for showing off your boobs and curves:

Bodycon Dresses (23)

Bodycon Dresses (24)

That's a pretty look which is embellished with lace inserts:

Bodycon Dresses (25)

The hourglass bodies are ideal for wearing such design. You can go for any length and still look sexy. The pear shaped girls can try on amazing looks, just look at Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna, JLO and the way they look in these pretty designs- super sexy. For the apple shaped ladies it's quite tricky to wear such staple, but it's possible. You should go for the designs which accentuate the curves at the right places, I mean go for the ones which make your bust less heavy and give some shape around the waist.

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