Track Pants Trend For Women Is Back

Fashion is bright and always updates us with many interesting things. This time I'd like to share with you track pants trend for women. These trousers work great both for casual days and office hours. How? Really? Yes, you heard me right, track pants can be worn to work. I remember times back in 1990's and 2000, when such bottoms were hot, think of Gwen Stefani or Paris Hilton! Some girls even bared their midriffs to show-off their underwear. Nowadays many designer brands bring track pants back in fashion. Indeed, Rihanna, Valentino, Fendi, they all want us to take an athleisure look to the next level! So, how to wear track pants this year?

This time everything looks more polished and less sporty. Of course, if you want to wear this trend to work, then you better make them look tidy and somewhat elegant. Frankly speaking, there are a billion ways to wear track pants. Everything depends on your personal style and I like it. You are free to choose a sporty luxe appearance and get inspired by such celebrities, like Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid. I would say, this kind of look is more polished than we used to see Gewn Stefani back in 1990's. It's more glam, a bit edgy and fresh. I highly recommend complimenting such look with a high ponytail, sexy sunnies, rich jewelry and bare midriffs. If you are more into a sophisticated look, then you might be interested in a cool street look. I recommend wearing wide track pants or relaxed ones in a regular fit. Make sure to pair them with something posh and smart-casual. This is an office ready look! The key details can be chunky heels, elegant ankle boots, crispy shirt, classy bag, watches and oversized sunglasses. Don't pass casual look. It is always in style, so think of relaxed and gym inspired basics. The key details of a kind of look are sneakers, hoops, crop top, and sweatshirt.

By the way, not so long time ago I made a nice post about jogger pants and casual ways how to wear them in real life. I highly recommend reading this article, as I shared lots of interesting ideas and outfit combinations. Hope you like it!

The last but certainly not least is a minimal chic appearance with a sleek touch. It's more for women who have finally found their dream job, where they are allowed to keep things simple and a bit relaxed. Think of fluid lean lines, neutral colors and classic fashion essentials. The key details of such look can be neutral color track pants with simple stripes on sides, wide leg cuts and kitten heels. This year I recommend to buy black and red color track pants, they are hot and trendy! But you can always go for green, white, yellow designs that are slightly wide legged at the bottom. By the way, I love to see women who pair red color pants with simple white tops. The result looks absolutely gorgeous and phenomenal. What do you think of track pants? Tell me in the comments below.