Velvet Outfits For Women: Say Hello To 1970’s

This Fall we all gonna say a BIG hello to velvet, as it's back in trend. Brands and fashion designers offering us pretty much of everything, starting from jacquard blazers to pantsuits, dresses and coats. The head to toe velvet look is a perfect choice this Autumn. So, this magic trend hits back the streets and you can not hide from it, so you better get used to it, my dear fashionista!

Velvet Outfits For Women (1)

Jacquard purple blazer with statement buttons looks impressive!

Looking through these images, it smells 1970's to me. It looks both vintage and sophisticated. There is kind of scent of a very old story about young woman who loves fashion so much. Personally, I consider this fabric to be high-qualitative. This fall many designers and stylists advice us to wear this fabric in deep colors, like black, blue, red, and green. I love to see ladies appearing in the streets wearing velvet blazers in bright and bold colors. This vintage elegance also associates with vampire's refined look. It's polished, decadent inspired and so must-have. I am so in love with red/black velvet pantsuit styled with crispy-white shirt amd stiletto heels. Some ladies go bold and try on dramatic long velvet trench-coats what look a bit avant-garde inspired to me. Anyway, thanks God I have found these incredible images of ladies street styles where they appear in velvet creations. They look pretty cool, right?

Cherry red velvet pantsuit looks masculine and sophisticated, try it on with pale-blue shirt, 1970's chic sunglasses and spacious black leather handbag:

Velvet Outfits For Women (1)

Keep things cool and relaxed with this burgundy velvet cardigan styled with black tank top tucked in denim cut-offs, black tights and black leather boots:

Velvet Outfits For Women (2)

Dark blue top will ideally fit these skinny dark red velvet pants tucked in pointed-toe black ankle-boots. Complete the look by adding brimmed black hat and evening clutch:

Velvet Outfits For Women (2)

Long-sleeve minimalistic dress in rich blue velvet looks awesome:

Velvet Outfits For Women (3)

Wide-brim camel hat looks fabulous styled with emerald green velvet blazer, dark blue shirt paired with light-grey trousers:

Velvet Outfits For Women (4)

Burnt-orange tailored pantsuit looks pretty classy and cute:

Velvet Outfits For Women (5)

How many likes for this emerald long coat? TRy it on atop lace black see-through dress:

Velvet Outfits For Women (6)

Velvet slip-tank? Why not! Try it on with crispy white cardi-coat and ripped white-blue jeans:

Velvet Outfits For Women (7)

Cable-knit sweater in dark purple looks marvelous paired with flared velvet pants:

Velvet Outfits For Women (8)

How awesome does this outfit looks? I am so in love with rich blue long evening suit jacket:

Velvet Outfits For Women (9)

Say vintage, say preppy girl! Here we see lady who is wearing dark green velvet blazer atop muted mustard sweater-dress embellished with skinny leather belt:

Velvet Outfits For Women (10)

How many likes for this maxi dark blue dress with spaghetti straps:

Velvet Outfits For Women (11)

Rock and roll looks awesome! Go for a shiny burgundy slouchy blazer and style it with cool grey tank-top tucked in skinny jeans:

Velvet Outfits For Women (12)

Sports look great! Try on big rich blue velvet crewneck paired with matching color and fabric straight-fit skirt:

Velvet Outfits For Women (13)

Bright red blazer and mini skirt look so delicious:

Velvet Outfits For Women (14)

This tailored jacquard velvet dress is ideal for various occasions:

Velvet Outfits For Women (15)

A magnificent belted coat in velvet jacquard. A perfect killer look:

Velvet Outfits For Women (16)

Gold velvet? Go for this Michael Jackson inspired blazer:

Velvet Outfits For Women (17)

Make some fun with this dark blue shirt-dress in velvet. Complete the look by adding a chunky golden belt:

Velvet Outfits For Women (18)

A furry outerwear will ideally fit your slouchy top tucked in chevron velvet pencil skirt:

Velvet Outfits For Women (19)

How awesome is this? I am so in love with this wrap coat in emerald green color:

Velvet Outfits For Women (20)

Dark blue velvet pantsuit looks fantastic! Try it on with white shirt and mannish flat shoes:

Velvet Outfits For Women (21)

Here we see another fabtastic choice! Lady appears in a long evening black velvet dress covered with black leather moto jacket. The outfit is completed thanks to turquoise shoes:

Velvet Outfits For Women (22)

Velvet cardigan is a perfect covering during chilly mornings:

Velvet Outfits For Women (23)

An army green velvet blazer will ideally fit your new ripped blue jeans:

Velvet Outfits For Women (24)

How sexy is this? Lady appears in a cropped long-sleeve white sweater styled with high-rise mini flared skirt in dark blue velvet:

Velvet Outfits For Women (25)

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