What Is In Style For Spring-Summer Hot Season

New Year, New Trends. Let's have a look at spring-summer 2018 hot trends what are in style this year. I think you all are in search for something new and creative, right? Soon all the shops windows around the world will be updated with bright and alluring new clothing. My mission for today is to save your money and share with you some of the useful tips for creating sexy outfit. First of all it's time to choose your one and only color.


When you know your favorite hue it's a lot easier to find something new and trendy, which will suit your existing wardrobe looks. For instance, if your color is blue, then you can immediately feel an incredible easiness of selecting garments, by selecting only those garments which are colored in blue hue. Fortunately, the blue is one of the trendiest colors of this summer.

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Make your clothing silhouette shorter. This year shortened garments are in trend. We see cropped pants. Forget about 7/8 length trousers, now it's all about 6/8 (as seen at Chanel) or 5/8 at Isabel Marant. Style these bottoms with the right shoes, go for high and stable heel as seen at Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

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Minimalism = Maximalism. The minimalistic chicness is felt in various well known labels. I love the laconic chicness and elegance, but the simplicity is updated with floral print.

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Unexpected denim. Thanks to Stella McCartney, Gucci and Fendi shows we got used to double-denim looks. I love those stylish embellishments which appear in Dolce&Gabbana.

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Suede comes back alive! The summer outfits can be made no only from leather, but also from suede. We see Gucci, Fendi, Derek Lam and Loewe creations, including coats, dresses, shorts and shirts.

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Hope these ideas and tips will help you updating your sexy wardrobe.

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