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How Students Got Dressed During Rock’n’Roll Era

In 1969 American photographer Arthur Schatz made an awesome photo collection for LIFE magazine. He made a series of images where students and teenagers got dressed in hippie and rock and roll inspired looks. 20th century 1960’s years can be dedicated to hippie culture with its self expression freedom, joy and love. Speaking of clothing styles, then I’d like to underline bright dresses and unique accessories. In this compilation you are going to see stylish high school students, who appear in gorgeous outfits. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at these wardrobe looks:

Rock'n'Roll Era - Students & Teenagers Style (1)

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1960’s Fashion Trends You Can Wear Nowadays

Retro Mini Revolution. From a Twiggy girl to Godard heroines who dream of freedom. The 1960’s years of the last century gave us lots of vivid trends, including mini dresses, A-line coats, opaque tights and square heel boots. Each new season comes with a kind of definite 20th century decade. This 2018 is all about 1960’s. These decades were inspired by British fashion model Jean Shrimpton as a muse, who appeared at Melbourne Cup in 1965 wearing a mini dress with no tights. The lush skirts were replaced by mini and A-line dresses, while the heels were replaced by high flat boots. Just imagine girls wearing mini dresses and patent boots in the 60’s, that was a real furore. Why did many brands inspired by the retro looks? It’s obvious- that’s a timeless trend which will never go out of style.

1960's Fashion Trends You Can Still Wear In 2015 (1)

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Bright colors and geometric prints will always make you look timelessly elegant.

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