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Western 70’s Street Style Inspiration

Say hello to vintage style icons! Today we are going to see Western 1970’s street style inspiration that is recreated in modern ways. This is a fantastic style, what has a unique spirit. if you are one of those ladies who wants to add a bit of spin in her look, then go for a Western-inspired look.

Western 70's Street Style Inspiration (1)

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Keep it chic and sophisticated. Go for a suede cream brown biker jacket and style it with grey pullover and white skinnies. Complete the look by adding aviator sunglasses.

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70’s Summer Style

Those hot 1970’s Summer nights! How about bringing some hot ’70’s glamour to your everyday looks. Slip into sexy minis, matching jackets, minimal mini dresses, suede front-buttoned skirts, suede fringed jackets, off-shoulder dresses, etc. In today’s post we return to retro. Summer is here and there’s no better time to try on adventurous, bohemian, loose-fit garments. Believe me, there will always be prints, patterns that scream 70’s. It’s all about nostalgia, bitch!

70's Summer Style (1)

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That’s an outstanding white bell sleeve romper. You can wear it with your favorite black accessories.

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Matching Sets Comeback Trend

The 1970’s trends are back in fashion! Today I want to observe some of the best matchy-matchy looks for you to try. Today it’s making up a big time, offering us versatile style ideas, starting from pencil skirts combined with crop tops (favorite Kim Kardashian’s look) to skirt-suits, knitted basics and other urer glam looks. The vintage look is updated thanks to modern trends, including colors, prints and cuts.

Matching Sets - 1970's Style Looks (1)

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Floral print set is ideal choice for summer time.

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How to Dress in 1970s Clothes

Old Fashioned, please! I think the 1970’s style is a perfect way how to make a unique statement in the crowd. Today I want to show you my personal favorites on how to dress in 1970’s clothing. We see lots of designer brands who is inspired by the ’60’s, ’70’s and 80’s fashion and I think the best way is to totally copy and paste those looks in modern life by using modern apparel. If you are ready to make a stylish statement, then I don’t see any problem in wearing one of these timelessly chic outfits in your everyday life. Here are shown beautiful flares, denim looks, boho touches, fantastic festival details, fun prints and vibrant patterns. The real must-haves from the ’70’s are tunics, culottes, maxi gowns, robes, flowy dresses, suede, rib knits, midi skirts, flares, etc. Looking through those vintage images you can notice the vibes of androgyny fashion. The sense of masculinity is echoed in daywear outfits, pantsuits and separates

1970s Style Looks (1)

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Get The Look: 1970s Style Ideas

If you wondering how to achieve a 1970’s style look this year, then I am here to help you, darling! It looks like everyone is crazy about 1970’s fashion. It’s a massive trend nowadays what makes us look original and completely different. If you are ready to break boundaries, keep it rock and roll inspired and free yourself then you better check out the following outfit ideas and grab the favorite ones in your Pinterest account. Here are shown awesome office power suits styles, boho chic separates, sexy studio 54 dresses, fluid and flowy floral blouses and frocks.

1970s Fashion Ideas For Women (1)

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How Students Got Dressed During Rock’n’Roll Era

In 1969 American photographer Arthur Schatz made an awesome photo collection for LIFE magazine. He made a series of images where students and teenagers got dressed in hippie and rock and roll inspired looks. 20th century 1960’s years can be dedicated to hippie culture with its self expression freedom, joy and love. Speaking of clothing styles, then I’d like to underline bright dresses and unique accessories. In this compilation you are going to see stylish high school students, who appear in gorgeous outfits. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at these wardrobe looks:

Rock'n'Roll Era - Students & Teenagers Style (1)

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’70s Style Trend – Must Have Pieces

When 1970’s are back in fashion. This year is all about nostalgia, and I am not joking! This season, 1970’s fashion vibes are officially upon us. You know what, I am totally in! The great news is, you can mix vintage-inspired clothing with modern garments and accessories. I am talking about chic combinations of bell sleeve tops with flare jeans and statement jewelry and platform sandals, or striped long-sleeve tops styled with flared skirts or boot-cut jeans.

'70s Style Trend - Must Have Pieces

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