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Bauhaus Fashion Trend

Bauhaus style appeared along with a foundation of namesake Weimar school in 1919 that united crafts and the fine arts. Fashion started to explore this style already in 20 century when Yves Saint Laurent created collection entitled ‘Modrian’ in 1965. It featured combined color-blocking basic hues on dresses. In today’s ready to wear lookbooks and runway shows this trend appears almost in every collection. I personally love the compound of basic geometric figures (triangles, squares, circles) in various colors. In other words, every renowned brand used the touches of this trend. As it appears as a print on a coat, jacket and dress. Some of the circled looks remind me of huge polka dots. The influence of this movement is felt today. We see Bauhaus inspired interiors and furniture designs that influence lots of designers to make geometric shapes and unique wardrobe looks. Anyway, if you like wearing graphical shapes, various materials and color combinations, then you are more than welcomed to try on these designs:

Bauhaus Fashion Trend 2023

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Here we see fashion collections from Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior, Thomas Tait, Fausto Puglisi, Marni

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