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Black Coats For Ladies

Is there a black coat in your wardrobe? I think you do, as it’s extremely versatile cover-up that for sure will make you look fantastic, no matter what is the day, weather, occasion and mood. I personally have two versions of this amazing outerwear, the one with a belt that looks pretty much like a trench and a wrap, slightly oversized version. Anyway, I am here to share with you some of the outstanding ideas of how to wear and style this pretty cool staple. I really hope this compilation will inspire you to buy yourself a brand new coat that will update your outfits. Anyway, let’s be modern and think of the best ways of combining your pretty clothes.

Black Coats For Ladies (1)

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We see a black zip closure version with leather lapels that is worn atop dark blue knitwear, matte black leggings and edgy booties.

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