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Trend Alert: My Favorite Black Lace Dresses

Are you looking for something special this year? I guess you are! In today’s post I am going to show you some of the best black lace dresses to wear this year. I love that lingerie inspired look in these creations. Many fashion brands offer us delicate and sexy looking designs in various lengths and shapes. I do love to see those pretty evening frocks completed with revealing sheer fabrics. If you do want to add a little touch of sultriness, then be sure to check out this awesome collection special night out dresses.

Black Lace Dresses (1)

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This one is a very special black lace dress with long sleeves. I am so in love with its boho chic touch.

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Black Summer Dresses

If you are looking for trouble, you cam to the right place! Today I want you to have a look through my favorite black summer dresses styles, what are so must-have this season. Some of ladies hate plain color looks, but when you have such days, when you don’t know what to wear, believe me, the best choice so far is the black dress. Okay, you might say to me that it’s the most boring piece in the world. Well you might be right if there were only two or three styles of black colored frock, but there are endless options to choose from! The great pluses of black ensemble is the French noir style touch, it’s ladylike, sultry and timeless! You can wear it everywhere and any time.

Black Summer Dresses (1)

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This one sleeve dress is a perfect match for your cocktail parties. You can wear it with chic Wayfarers and leopard print clutch.

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31 Black & White Work Outfits For Women

Looking for something classic, ladylike, sexy and glamour? Well, you better check out this awesome black and white work outfit ideas what are great for ladies at any ages. As you know, combination of black and white is a classical color scheme for work outfit. Some people think that B&W combination is quite boring. Well, once you look through these creations I am pretty sure you will find here sexy, edgy and chic designs to try on at work. If your company has a very strict dress code, then you better take a look at these ideas. We are going to see here polka dots in black and white, great accessories, including red shoes, golden jewelry, wide belts, skinny belts, beautiful ties, sexy heels, pencil skirts, etc. All in all, it’s time to look hotter and be trendy at work.

Black & White Work Outfits For Women (1)

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Here we see a pretty lady who is wearing a collarless black shirt paired with white pleated cigarette ankle-length pants. Finish the look by adding statement sunglasses and low heel ballerina flats and black leather tote bag.

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How To Wear Black Shirts

Today is all about black shirts post! I want to show you some of the best ways how to wear black shirt in your everyday life. I tell you honestly, I am a huge fan of black color, but I do not like buttons. Of course, I do have jeans shirts in my closet and I am planning to add more shirts, but I really don’t know when I will wear everything, LOL!

How To Wear Black Shirts - Street Style Looks (1)

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Black Dresses For Prom

When in doubt, go for a black dress! Today I am going to share with you amazing black colored dresses to wear at proms. Sometimes, it’s quite hard to decide what color to choose, that’s why my personal favorite from the classic hues is the black one. The great thing about this color is the various shades which make it look creative and modern. Another plus is the embellishments: you can choose all-occasion embroideries, as well as florals, lace, sequins, Swarovski crystals, mesh details, etc. And the last but not least, is the length and shape: from ankle-grazing maxis to short, strapless, sleeveless, relaxed and slim-fit. Yes, there are dozens of styles to choose from.

Black Evening Dresses For Prom (1)

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Black Coats For Ladies

Is there a black coat in your wardrobe? I think you do, as it’s extremely versatile cover-up that for sure will make you look fantastic, no matter what is the day, weather, occasion and mood. I personally have two versions of this amazing outerwear, the one with a belt that looks pretty much like a trench and a wrap, slightly oversized version. Anyway, I am here to share with you some of the outstanding ideas of how to wear and style this pretty cool staple. I really hope this compilation will inspire you to buy yourself a brand new coat that will update your outfits. Anyway, let’s be modern and think of the best ways of combining your pretty clothes.

Black Coats For Ladies (1)

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We see a black zip closure version with leather lapels that is worn atop dark blue knitwear, matte black leggings and edgy booties.

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Office Looks: Black Trousers Styles For Ladies

There is one classic staple that is still popular for any office lady, I am talking about black trousers. Just imagine, it’s almost 9 am in the morning and you are as always late for work. What is your final decision to wear at the office? Ah..fuck it I go for the black trousers, classic blouse and heels. Plus you can add a black blazer to finish the look. This is the most easiest combination for women. It’s still appropriate for any company, no matter how cruel their dress code is. Putting together your weeks outfits is the same as going to the gym, I mean you never do it, but you still promise yourself that tomorrow is the day. That’s why it’s better to know your basic look which is great for any working day.

Black Trousers Styles For Ladies - Office Looks (1)

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Business Attire: Total Black Office Wear For Ladies

Before starting new working week it’s very important to think over your new office look. I want to share an awesome collection of women’s totally black office clothing ideas to wear at work. These outfit ideas will surely fit your business week from Mondays to Fridays. If there are people who think that all black outfits are boring and not suitable for work, then you better show them this post, as we see gorgeous looks suitable for office and after hours parties. Black office staples are sexy, elegant and trendy. Just imagine yourself in a black dress, pumps and some hot black accessories, or a black shirt tucked in trousers- looks great and sophisticated.

Black Office Wear For Ladies - Business Attire (1)

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