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Blazers Outfit Ideas To Copy

Blazer for women is a functional clothing staple that perfectly works for different occasions. You can find lots of great designs, no matter what is your age or body complexion. In today’s post I will share my favorite outfit ideas you can recreate this 2018. Most women think it’s quite hard to find the one and only design that will ideally work for office and everyday wear, but trust me, once you take a look through these Polyvore sets, there will be no problem for you to create a stunning look completed with a blazer. A good blazer is an extremely versatile piece of clothing that look awesome at work, hang outs, parties or casual routines. All you need is a dress or beautiful separates to complete it with a blazer. You are free to create funky, bright, classy, hipster, nerd, or retro inspired look. Suit jacket can be easily styled with matching shirts, skinny pants, with denim bottoms, office skirts, funky pumps, etc. Anyway, I am here to give you some tips on how to make blazers work in real life.

Blazers Outfit Ideas To Copy 2023

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A pretty tailored burgundy blazer looks incredible styled with a black pencil skirt, white blouse and patent burgundy pointed-toe pumps.

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My Favorite Blazer Outfit Ideas

It’s time to try on something functional that looks and feels just fine. Think of a classic blazer for 2018, as it’s one of the most versatile wardrobe staples for wearing everywhere you want, starting from work to parties. Plus, it can be worn in almost any environment, no matter if it’s Spring or Fall outside. In today’s post I want to show you my favorite Polyvore sets you can recreate next week. This clothing staple has an ability to instantly change the way you look, no matter if you are sporting casual or formal separates. Indeed, you can either wear skinnies or boyfriend jeans, but once you add a blazer, you automatically start to look chic and elegant. Of course, if you want to look formal-chic, then the best way is to pair your blazer with a cute pair of trousers, starting from cigarette to wide-leg pants. If you are not into pants, then there are lots of chic designs of skirts and dresses, all you need is to find the one with a coordinating color that will underline your uniqueness. To create professional look, then you should choose a blazer in a simpler color palette and style by pairing it with classier pieces. If you are more into extravagant fashion, then I recommend to try on a brighter version, it can be either in a vivid color or printed. Anyway, I think you should take a look through these Polyvore sets to choose your favorite combination.

My Favorite Blazer Outfit Ideas 2023

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Salmon pink blazer is a great choice for warm everyday walks on the town. Try it on with a semi-sheer cargo tank top in white color, floral print bag and strappy high-heeled sandals.

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How To Style Your Blazer

Suit up, ladies! I am here to share with you an awesome collection of women’s blazers and best ways how to make them look good on you next 2018. This outerwear garment not only compliments your silhouette, but also adds an impressive touch, no matter if you wear casual or formal clothes. Blazers look great on slender and even on overweight girls, that’s why women love it so much. All you need is to find a jacket in a balancing color and work it with your top and bottoms. Trust me, your closet is missing so many beautiful blazers, so why don’t you buy one of these creations. I gathered my favorite selection of chic Polyvore sets you all can give a try this year. Every outfit idea showcased below is surprisingly chic and versatile. Below are listed my favorite styles you can buy.

How To Style Your Blazer 2023

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All in white, why not! We see a totally white look that consists of white blazer, top and trousers, as well as white pumps. As you can see, there is a chance to go either slim fit or give a try to a slouchy look.

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Pastel Blazers For Women

Oh, today I’ve got some awesome looks to share with you, darling. We are going to see marvelous outfits featuring pastel blazers. I tell you honestly, I am so in love with them. Why? They are absolute winners in summertime and each one of them reminds me of hot summer days when it’s fall or winter outside. It’s an elegant way how you can update your clothing color palette with just a little change what will totally modify your look. In this post I tried to gather various combos and ideas on how to pair your pastel blazers with your everyday and dressy clothing.

Pastel Blazers For Women 2023

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We see a pale mint blazer worn atop white shirt in black polka dots. The look is completed thanks to beautiful necklace.

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How to Wear a Pastel Blazer

Pastel is a big trend this season and you know why. It’s everywhere. We see pastel outerwear, separates and accessories. I did some research and found numerous of great options of styling your pastel blazer. This cover-up is a versatile piece, because you can wear it throughout hot and cold seasons by styling it with cozy tops or lightweight blouses. In today’s article we are going to observe Polyvore combinations on how to wear a pastel blazer this year.

How to Wear a Pastel Blazer 2023

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Pale light orange blazer looks awesome worn atop white cream floral playsuit.

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How To Wear a White Blazer

Looking for chic pairing for a white blazer, well, I’ve got some ideas for you! Today we are going to observe marvelous styles and tips on how to wear a white blazer in the streets and work. No matter if it’s summer or fall, the white suit jacket is one simple staple what can update your look, no matter if you prefer wearing casual or formal looks. Believe me, there are thousands of marvelous looks to try, starting from white blazer + torn jeans to blazer + lace dress. Now is a perfect time to try one of the following looks, so you better check out these ideas and buy the one what will make you look super fabulous.

How To Wear a White Blazer 2023

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Keep it sexy and sophisticated thanks to lingerie inspired top and pinstripe high-rise shorts. Complete the look by adding aviator sunglasses and classic pointed-toe white pumps.

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Women’s Jacket Styles To Wear This Spring

Okay sexy ladies! I’ve got a stunning collection for you tonight! We have chance to look through women’s jackets styles to wear this spring season. You are gonna be amazed by the following hot designs. All images were taken in the streets of big cities. In this compilation I tried to collect urban, glamour, work appropriate and fashion statement styles to wear from day to night hours. Each cover-up looks pretty cool. Here are shown awesome denim looks, long outerwear, kimono inspired designs, printed essentials, as well as bombers and varsity jackets. If you want to make a statement in the streets, then I highly recommend to look through these sexy and edgy updates.

Women's Jacket Styles To Wear This Spring 2023

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Here we see a grey white blazer worn atop casual deep V-neck blue sweater tucked in washed skinnies.

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How To Wear Floral Blazers

When it feels like you wanna wear something sweet, voguish and pretty glamour. If it feels so, then I recommend to try on floral blazer. Today, we are going to speak about how to wear floral blazer in the streets. I personally in love with modern floral explosion. There are numerous of fabulous floral blazers that are ideal for wearing from work to cocktail parties. Florals can be colored in various colors and shades matching the overall look of your outfit. In this post you are going to find lovely combinations of floral blazers and ladylike bottoms. This print is still on the rise, that’s why it’s okay to wear the ones that you have already bought last year. If you think it’s hard to match it with the rest of your clothes, then you are not right, darling. Check out this compilation and choose your favorites:

How To Wear Floral Blazers 2023

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The slouchy lightly printed version can be worn with simple white tee and black leather mini shorts. Finish the look by adding a pale turquoise suede clutch.

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How To Wear: Oversized Or Boyfriend Blazers

If you love oversize clothing, then you should take a look at these images where ladies appear in oversized and boyfriends blazers. It’s no secret that in recent years we have noticed the masculinity in women’s fashion, as we see menswear borrowed clothing in women’s everyday wardrobe. It seems like bigger the better and it’s true. I personally love those 80’s cuts, slouchy and oversized silhouettes, big outerwear, tops and trousers. In today’s post I want to draw your attention to boyfriends blazers, ways of styling and best tips on how to wear it. Fashion is a cycled industry, like history, that occasionally repeats. Remember the 1990’s and 2000’s when fitted cover-ups were seen on everyone, while in recent years it looks like the 1980’s are back, as many brands offer us statement, exaggerated suit jackets. What drives me crazy about this staple, then it’s the great and trendy look that is both classic and eye-catching.

How To Wear: Oversized Or Boyfriend Blazers 2023

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