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How To Style: Oversized & Boyfriend T-Shirts

I remember one day I stole my boyfriend’s tee and you know what, I really loved the fit of this top. It was relaxed and comfy. I thought to myself, why can’t I incorporate it with my everyday clothes. Today I bring you my favorite ways to make your boyfriend T-shirt look chic and glamour. In this collection are showcased pretty 1990’s oversized band tees, plain color basics, and other effortless and relaxed essentials. You might ask me, but this boxy top looks really baggy, how and with what can you style it? The ‘borrowed’ clothes from men’s wardrobe are ideal to wear with anything you want. The best PLUS of these tops is the flattering fit what ideally suits petites, normal bodies and plus-sized ladies. There are several tips and tricks how you can rock an oversized T-shirt in the streets and parties.

How To Style: Oversized & Boyfriend T-Shirts 2023

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