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How to Wear a Button Up Top This Summer

A button up top is a classic garment what is both ideal for workplace and casual everyday life wear. No matter if it’s striped, classy white, dotted, gingham, every single button-up can make you look charming and ladylike. In other words, this summer staple is perfect for any kind event. My mission for today is to show you my favorite looks on how to wear a basic button up top this summer season.

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We see a lady who is wearing a classic white shirt styled with denim cut-offs and a beige ribbed knit sweater tied around the waist. In love with high strappy gladiators.

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How To Wear Button-Up Shirts

As you all know, button-up is an important part of every men’s and women’s business wardrobe, right? It’s a professional looking top what ideally suits blazers and pleated pants. But how to wear it in your everyday life? Is it okay to wear with casual clothes? Yes and yes! Of course this is an ideal office shirt, but there are thousands of casual combinations what you can try with your everyday essentials. The button-ups can be dressed down and look good the same as dressed-up. If you want to know awesome button-up combos, then you are more than welcomed to see this awesome compilation of stylish tips on how to wear this shirt in your everyday life:

How To Wear Button-Up Shirts For Women (2)

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