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Street Style: Clogs and Mules

So, you’ve finally bought new pair of clogs and mules. Now it’s time to think over possible stylish ways to wear them in your everyday life, right? Today I am going to share with you my personal favorite street style ideas on how to style them with your apparel. Some say these shoes are ugly and useless to wear. Some say they are meant for old people only. Well, if you style them incorrectly, then you might look weird, but I’ve got an awesome fashion inspiration for you to follow. You just need a right outfit to match your clogs or mules. But before looking at some of the best style tips, I want to make it clear and let you know the difference between clogs and mules. Basically, clogs are made of wooden sole and heels, while mules come with fancier heels. The important thing about these shoes is the following, both are extremely comfortable and ideal for a very long time wearing, plus they are versatile in combination with various clothing styles. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at these awesome ways of wearing clogs and mules this year:


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You can keep your entire outfit neutral and simple but pair it with funky mules in animal print. This will make an awesome look.

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