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Hottest Plus Size Fashion Models

There is nothing special about being fat, I mean, there are countries, where men simply die for plus size women. In today’s post I want to share with you hottest plus size fashion models who are real inspiration for me. Some of you might say: “My big fat body just invites people to make rude comments.” Well, if you give a damn to this, then you better go to psychologist, otherwise, just forget about them and live your life. Life is too short for listening to stupid people. Anyway, we are here for inspiration, right? The first model to keep an eye on is Crystal Renn, who is the muse of Jean Paul Gaultier. She is a well known plus size model after Sophie Dahl.

Hottest Plus Size Fashion Models (1)

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Plus Size Bloggers Street Style Looks

If you ain’t having 90-60-90 body shape, then you shouldn’t worry about that. Why? Take a look at these plus size bloggers and have yourself a great inspiration from their street style looks. All these pretty curvy girls and ladies urge everyone to love their bodies and be in trend. This decade comes with skinny celebrities and it’s unfashionable to have an overweight. But the following ladies in the images below feel their selves self-confident with all those extra pounds. They have their own blogs where they show their new clothes. Some will say- curvy women should loose some weight before showing off their fat bellies, though I would say it’s better to start loving ourselves as we are. These XXL sized fashion bloggers follow all the latest trends and they are not shy of their bodies. I love them!

Plus Size Bloggers Street Style Looks (1)

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Twee Valley High blogger from Brooklyn has a real nostalgia about those retro times. She adores wearing creative hats, silk scarves, retro prints. She chooses ideal make-ups and hairstyles. We see cat eyes, braids and ideal red lips.

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