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Shop The Trend: Cutoff Shorts

No, there is nothing new about good-old cut-offs, but in this post I want to discuss best outfit ideas you can recreate in 2018 by wearing them in real life. Next year we gonna see a comeback of high-waisted styles, sure they are not everybody’s favorite, but some ladies do look great in those high-waisted cut-offs. This hot-weather essential can be dressed up or down, all you need is to find flattering design, believe me, there are thousands of cool bottoms to choose from. By the way, you can go for frayed ones, ripped, slim-fit, high-waisted, low-rise, printed, washed or classic. So, if you are one of those girls who want to wear cutoffs during the summer, then you are more than welcome to take a tour through these Polyvore fashion sets.


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Blue denim cut-offs look damn hot with black halter neck crop top and cream-beige cardigan. Complete this look by adding black leather Birkenstocks, black choker and rounded black sunglasses.

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How to Rock: Cutoff Shorts For Summer

There are lots of cool denim cut-offs you can try on this Summer 2018. I want to share with you my favorite styles you can wear in your everyday life. I think it’s the best way to give your good old pair of jeans a break and try on something relaxed, casual and chic, like cutoff shorts. You have plenty of awesome designs, starting from colored denim, pastels to high rise styles, floral printed must-haves, as well as dip-dyed must-tries. All these precious bottoms can be teamed with neutral color sandals, romantic delicate lace tops, fringed jackets or kimonos, matching denim jacket, oversized jersey tops, etc. If you still not sure how to wear your favorite pair of cutoffs, then you definitely should take a look through these awesome Polyvore fashion sets. Check out fresh ways to style shorts and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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We see white cut-offs that can be easily teamed with a ruffle layered tank top in blush color. The outfit is completed with blush sandals and white clutch bag.

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The Best Denim Shorts To Make You Look Perfect

Let’s speak about denim! How much do you love it? This time we are going to see best denim shorts what will make you look perfect no matter where you are. Personally, I am ready to spend all my day wearing one of my favorite denim shorts. Of course, my favorite way how to wear these jean bottoms is to try them on with plain color basic tee. Well, there are times when you simply don’t know with what to wear your shorts, it feels like there is just nothing left to wear. I have gathered amazing ideas with denim bottoms. You are about to see white high-waisted styles, ripped mini version, light blue cuffed must-haves, boyfriends shorts, cut-offs, etc. Scroll down to see more images.

Denim Shorts (1)

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We see a light grey body-con high-neck crop top paired with high-waisted white ripped shorts.

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What Cut Off Shorts Gonna Rock This Year

If there would be TOP of sexy bottoms, then cut-off shorts would be number 2 after mini skirts. In today’s post we are going to see what cut-off shorts gonna rock this year. This garment is funky, edgy and versatile. Of course, they have a casual style look, but you can team them with anything you want, starting from casual tops to office friendly blouses and blazers. I have gathered my favorite 11 pairs what will make you look sophisticated and voguish all in the same time. You are going to find here bleached, washed, dark, light blue versions embellished with shreds and rip details. The length varies from minis to loose-fit elongated versions. Anyway, let’s talk about some styling tips.

Cut Off Shorts (1)

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Make cut-offs look bright by pairing them with loose-fit white button-down shirt.

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16 Ways To Wear Denim Cutoff Shorts

I don’t know how about you, but I feel sexy when I wear my denim cut-offs! If you feel the same, or you wanna know how to achieve the same feelings, then I’ve got 16 style tips and ideas how to wear denim cutoff shorts this year without feeling and looking sloppy. You might say there are great styles of denim shorts, like the long ones, high-waisted and classic styles. Well, you are right, but if you are one of those ladies who wants to wear glamour and fancy bottoms, then you better own the cut-offs! In this article are gathered stunning street style looks of ladies who appear in the big cities wearing cut-offs with dressed up tops and jackets. Personally, I love teaming casual basics with elegant and classy garments.

Denim Cutoff Shorts  (1)

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Keep it urban and grungy by wearing a tartan shirt with grey crop top, and ripped blue denim shorts.

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Classic Summer Combo: Denim Shorts and a White Shirt

No matter if you like formal or casual looks, today I bring to your attention an awesome compilation of classic summer combo, what consists of denim shorts and white shirt. This look can be laidback or polished. I have found interesting street style looks where ladies are wearing white tops and denim bottoms embellished with different accessories. Just look at the details: chunky bracelets, long and lightweight coats, statement shoes, metallic shiny sandals, ripped denim, statement sunglasses, leopard print tops tied around waists, etc.

Denim Shorts and a White Shirt - Classic Summer Street Style Combo (1)

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We see white top with short sleeves features lace embroidery tucked in blue denim shorts and completed with chunky bracelets, and cool shades with mirrored lenses.

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15 Ways To Wear Denim Cutoffs

There are so many beautiful cutoffs to choose from, as you can find a beautiful pair for any occasion and season. In today’s post I want to share with you some of the best styles to try on this year. You are going to see 15 awesome ways to wear denim cutoffs. In this compilation are gathered stunning bermudas, oversized designs, boyfriend styles, knee long, tight ones and ripped versions in all possible lengths and colors. I am sure you will find a smart look what can be ideally styled with blazers and heels.

Women's Shorts - Denim Cutoffs (1)

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You can try something sporty and make it look timelessly chic, by incorporating tennis shoes with sneakers, tank tops, bombers and urban caps. Or you can go for a boho-chic look by pairing your cutoffs with kimono or long lightweight cardigan, what is a perfect summer-friendly look. You can always make your weekends to be French style inspired, by combining button-down/ slouchy tank top with cuffed bermuda shorts and white blazer. Personally I love model-off-duty uniforms, what looks biker chic, relaxed and extremely effortless. Of course, everything depends on your personal choice and style.

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Boyfriend Cutoffs and Denim Shorts

There are always to be beautiful garments what never goes out of fashion. Today’s timeless piece is women’s boyfriend cutoffs/ denim shorts. This trend comes from the 1990’s and it’s still in. Why do we see ladies wearing them, anyway? It’s quite simple: think of your favorite jeans what you wear for already 3 or 5 years and one day the got ripped. What’s your next move? You can: a) make some rips by creating casual look, b) make some cool cutoffs.

Cutoffs and Denim Shorts - Street Style (1)

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Of course, you can buy a nice pair of cutoffs in various shapes and sizes. Keep in mind one thing: these shorts are not for work, they come in casual styles what are ideal for beachy, sporty and relaxed wear. There are so many ways to wear them in your everyday life. You can make a bohemian look, smart-casual, tribal, office-alike (not for work), biker chic or grungy. All in all, I’ve got some brilliant ideas to share with you.

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Denim Shorts for Every Body Type

If you are looking for nice denim shorts, then you better know your body type, in order to buy the ones that will fit you. Each body type is unique, that’s why you better choose the ones what will highlight your sexy parts and conceal the ones what you do not want to show off. This time I want to draw your attention to the best styles to wear this hot season. Check out these tips and ideas to find out more.

Denim Shorts for Every Body Type (1)

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We see a beautiful lady who is wearing vibrantly printed shirt half-tucked in cuffed shorts. The look is finished thanks to leather handbag and cuffed sandals.

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Best Denim Shorts Combination Ideas For Women

Of course you can wear denim shorts during most of the year, but the best season for them is summer months. In today’s collection you are going to see best denim shorts combination ideas for women to try for hot days. You better take a look in your wardrobe and find your favorite bottoms. There are numerous possible combinations that you can choose from, that’s why I am offering you to take a little tour through these stunning images. Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Denim Shorts Combination Ideas For Women (1)

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Love the tie-dye effect and those metal studs on the back. Every detail looks sexy.

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