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Formal Fashion Trends: Genius Outfit Ideas

Keep it formal, ladylike and modern! I bring you genius Polyvore outfit ideas featuring formal fashion trends you all can try next 2018. It’s no secret, an evening look is a must-have, as you never know where you can be invited, from weddings to cocktail parties and other glam events. That’s why it’s no wonder why women need go-to garments for formal and semi-formal occasions. However, finding the right clothing pieces can be quite hard and frustrating, that’s why I am here to share with you latest formal fashion trends you can follow this year. Here are gathered stunning looks that highlight best features of your silhouette, regardless your body shape, so you don’t need to be ashamed of showing your curves and best features. Different outfits emphasize different parts of the body, so you better pay attention to what you want to emphasize. Scroll down to find your favorites.


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Mustard yellow maxi gown looks damn hot with floral multicolored wedge sandals.

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Dresses For Fall-Winter: My Favorite Looks To Copy

Hello my dearest fashion reader! I’d like to share with you a marvelous Winter 2018 collection of comfy and glamorous dresses you can wear in your everyday life. Trust me, there are plenty of fashionable outfits completed with a dress you can create this cold season. These frocks will help you survive chilly Autumn season days, as well as freezing winter months with style. Of course, you still need to style your dress with tights, trendy boots, fedora hats and scarves for more warm and cozy look. The accessories should be well chosen and complete the outfit. I have collected fabulous Polyvore fashion sets you all can get inspired by. All in all, I rounded up my favorite styles you can try this year. Would love to see your comments below.


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Cream-white spaghetti strap slip-dress is covered with a black fur coat. Complete this combo by adding pointed-toe black glossy pumps and cool black leather folded clutch.

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Bustier Dresses That Make You Look And Feel Chic

Bustier dresses are everywhere this 2018 and it’s no wonder why! Bustier dresses come with built-in bras and the bustier ends just above or right at the waistline. Just one thing to know before we move on: corset and bustier dresses might look the same, but they are different. Corset dress will cinch, while bustier frocks will boost! I know several ladies who wear corset-like dresses, as they love to see their waists look smaller and silhouettes sleeker. I personally and my friends do like bustier dresses. Why? This style looks more modern, your chest looks more uplifted, plus it flattens your midriff. This pretty dress has made a comeback and I am here to share my favorite Polyvore fashion sets, featuring ladylike and slightly retro inspired combos. The following looks are ideal for the upcoming party season. I am so in love with the flattering shape that can be created with this frock. Choose your favorite design, no matter if it’s party-glam, daytime appropriate or retro inspired. Scroll down to find your favorites.


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This black bustier sleeveless frock comes with matte shiny gold outlines and black sheer paneling. Complete this cute ensemble by adding high-heeled black shoes and fringed black party style blazer.

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Happy Hour Style: After Work Cocktail Outfits

I’ve got something cool to share with you! Today, I decided to talk about cocktail outfit ideas that you can use for after work parties next 2018. Cocktail attire is not quite black tie appropriate, but it is definitely not casual clothing. Of course, you can go for a trusted LBD, but you can witness someone else wearing the same outfit, that’s why we need to find perfect alternative looks that are not boring and can work in various occasions. You are free to create your favorite outfit, no matter if it’s dressy yet conservative, more classic, modern or trendy. I personally like wearing simple yet sophisticated looks with conservative silhouettes and neutral color. If you want your neutral outfit look voguish, then you are free to add a jewel tone necklace, shiny metallic clutch or glamour make-up. In other words, statement pieces and details will always make you stand-out from the crowd, all you need is to make them underline your best assets. Look for pieces that are versatile, as well as professional and fun. Scroll down to find out best ideas and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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We see a cute combo that consists of a dusty pink wool coat, black-white striped tank top tucked in black short skirt and completed with cool print ankle boots.

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What Dresses Are In Style This Year

It’s time to talk about dresses. Yes, I have an awesome Polyvore sets collection of dresses you all can wear next 2018. It’s fair to say that a dress is every woman’s ultimate wardrobe essential. No matter if it’s a denim shift, ruffled one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder frock, there are so many great ways and places where you can wear it. This might be one of the easiest ways to perfect your seasonal style. Indeed, dress is a choice that doesn’t makes you worry about coordinating complicated colors or prints. You simply throw it on, knowing you look good and feminine. In this compilation are gathered casual, as well as fancy styles that will easily make you look and feel confident. Scroll down to find out more.


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Relax and take it easy! Try on this blush long-sleeve shift with black collar and style it with pointed-toe black leather shoes and miniature shoulder bag with metallic chain holder.

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Dresses For Summer Warm Days

I am a big fan of dresses and I bet you are as well. In this article I want to share with all of you a great collection of Summer 2018 dresses. This wardrobe piece will always remain the most requested requested garment in every lady’s closet. Why do women love frocks so much? It’s simple, highlights graceful and appealing shapes. There are so many interesting and voguish designs you can wear from Mondays to Sundays. That’s why I am here to show you various fashionable must-tries for all existent tastes. All you need is to take a tour through this collection and choose your favorite design.


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A knife pleated lightweight short dress with halter neck and spaghetti straps looks sweet and extremely ladylike. Try it on with strappy blush heeled sandals and eye-catching jewelry.

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Modern Victorian Inspired Look

It’s been a while since my last post… Sorry! I am here today to share with You modern Victorian inspired looks that will underline your individuality and make you look fresh and romantic. Victorian era fashion is very ancient, but it’s a very special trend that still makes us look and feel incredibly feminine. The vibe of this trend can be seen pretty much everywhere. I’ve noticed a huge revival of this trend by viewing latest fashion collections, where I see fairy tale inspired looks, as well as Gothically themed details.

Modern Victorian Inspired Look (1)

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Trend Alert: My Favorite Black Lace Dresses

Are you looking for something special this year? I guess you are! In today’s post I am going to show you some of the best black lace dresses to wear this year. I love that lingerie inspired look in these creations. Many fashion brands offer us delicate and sexy looking designs in various lengths and shapes. I do love to see those pretty evening frocks completed with revealing sheer fabrics. If you do want to add a little touch of sultriness, then be sure to check out this awesome collection special night out dresses.

Black Lace Dresses (1)

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This one is a very special black lace dress with long sleeves. I am so in love with its boho chic touch.

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7 Top Little Black Dresses (LBD) For Every Age

I agree with saying: no girl’s closet is complete without a Little Black Dress in it. That’s why I decided to share with you 7 top LBDs for every age. Why do we love little black dresses? It’s quite simple, they are easy to wear, convenient, versatile and extremely practical. Of course, everything depends on your personal style, if you do not like complicated details, then you might like to try on something simple, like a voguish shift dress.

Little Black Dresses (LBD) (1)

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Keep it fun, cool and chic. Try on this girly LBD for dates and home parties. This V-neck sleeveless dress comes with a ruffled bottom.

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Must-Have: Shirtdresses To Wear This Year

In today’s post I want to share with you one of my favorite garments- shirtdress. This ensemble is a must-have for those ladies who have no time for styling and preparing themselves. There are so many interesting designs to try on this year. I found fabulous options to buy, starting from oversized and smartly tailored styles, retro looking to country-style inspired, 1970’s, minis, etc. What is so special about shirtdress anyway? Literally speaking, it’s a simple shirt what is worn as a dress. I think this frock is something you definitely should have in your closet, my friend.

Shirtdresses (1)

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Gingham in pastel hues. Go for this retro chic fit-and-flare belted shirt-dress and style it with your favorite sunglasses.

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