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The best shoes to wear with flares

So, you finally know it! Flared jeans are going to be in trend this year. They are absolute hot winners. Personally, I like flares, because of their 1970’s inspired look, plus they are more comfy than skinnies. Another great plus of flares is the versatility, as they look good on any body, but you should balance the look, by wearing the right pieces. I’ve got some ideas on what shoes you better wear with flared jeans.

The best shoes to wear with flares 2023

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As I’ve already said, they look ’70’ inspired to me, so you better style them with comfortable footwear, starting from super-low platforms to flats. Of course you can experiment with your look by pairing your denim trousers with high-heels, ankle-boots and pumps. All in all, I think we better take a look at the following images and make some notes, right?

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Women’s Flared Jeans Are In Style For Vintage Flair

I’ve got some awesome news for you tonight! Open your mind and eyes, as I am sharing with you a real comeback of women’s 1970’s flared jeans that are in style this 2018. I knew they are coming back- sooner or later. When I see these models around town, I start to think of hippies,lots of jewelries and accessories on, happy music, long hair, headbands or flowers in your hair. I think you already know- 1970’s fashion is on its peak this season. This time it comes with sexy, hot and incredibly irresistible staples. One of these garments are flared jeans. There are lots of awesome styles around, starting from old dusted flares to cool, high waisted models that scream loudly and proudly- rocknroll. Okay, I hope you are already with the right mood to see what is so special about these bottoms, right? Keep it voguish and try on perfect 70’s vibes. It’s fair to say, skinnies are classics, which do not wow everyone around, so you need something bold and sexy, like flares.

Women's Flared Jeans Are In Style For Vintage Flair 2023

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