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Functional Winter Shoes For Women

It’s a bad thing when women have to compromise with their style in favor of weather. That’s why I decided to create this blog post and tell you more about winter footwear trends. In this article, you gonna find out what are the best boots you can actually wear all Winter season long. Wondering what shoes to wear during such a cold time? There are lots of cool styles to choose from, but my favorites are wedge boots, ankle boots, UGG boots, Chelsea flats, and suede boots. Let’s combat this cold season with stylish and functional boots that can easily update your winter outfit.

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The Best Shoe Trends To Try Next Season

What shoes are your favorite ones? Hugh. My favorite ones are… all of them! Seriously, I think every shoe trend has something special. Today I want to draw your attention to this fabulous street style snaps what will surely inspire you to buy brand new footwear. Definitely, here are shown so many exciting designs to wear this 2018. You are going to find strappy sandals, dainty heels, pointy pumps, open-toe heels, pool slides, mules, etc. I have rounded up images to bring you only the best styles to try this year. Scroll down to see more:

The Best Shoe Trends 2015 - Women's Footwear Street Style (1)

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Here we see naval striped pointed-toe pumps with red studded toe.

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Flat Shoes For Women

Looking for something comfy and sexy at the same time? If so, then you might like this post, as I am going to show you my favorite sexy flat shoes for women to wear all this year long. Frankly speaking, I love wearing flats, you just need to find the alternative styles what will look awesome on your feet. Of course, you might say that heels are sexy, but they are painful for wearing all day, right? Is the pain worth it? I don’t think so!

Flat Shoes For Women - Street Style (1)

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You gonna fall in love with following styles, as I am sharing you my personal favorites what you can wear from work to parties. In the following compilation are gathered sexy shoes, including lace-ups, leopard print flats, nude colored versions, thong sandals, pointy styles and other pretty designs.

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How To Wear: Sneakers For Women

When function meets style then come the kicks. In today’s post I want to draw your attention to these awesome shoes called sneakers. We are going to observe street style images and get to know how to wear sneakers for women. The good news about this footwear is the comfort, while the bad news are: if you used to wear heels, then work-out wardrobe can be hard to pull on. If you are wondering how is it possible to wear athletic runners without looking dowdy and weird, then you are in the right place, darling.

Sneakers For Women - Street Style Chic Looks (1)

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We see perforated black leather jacket worn atop white top, black skinny jeans, silvery metallic shirt tied around the waist and black and white hi-top sneakers. Love the tote and oversized sunglasses.

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What Women’s Shoes Are In Style For Spring-Summer

It’s time to see what women’s shoes are in style for this spring-summer 2018. I am going to share with you a beautiful trend report that consists of sexy and hot shoes to try on this year. We’ve got a chance to see the brightest styles what are real must-haves for this hot season. I am surprised to see in newest collections lots of boots. Of course, all of them come in lightweight fabrics, some styles are perforated and others come with open-toes. It seems like we are going to walk down the beach wearing raincoats, cozy jackets, shorts and statement boots. Anyway, it’s a trend what is popular these days, if you are in with this trend, then you better choose the ones that are made of suede. Another fashion update is seen in chunky heels, oversized wedges.

Women's Shoes For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

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