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Parisian Chic Street Style – Dress Like A French Woman

Hey there! How about getting some inspiration from Parisian chic street style? In today’s post, I want to share with you awesome tips on how to dress like a French woman. As you all know, France is the country of love, fashion, and elegance, that’s why many designers and brands are inspired by the beauty of this country. Anyway, we are here to see elegant and refined clothing combinations that for sure will make you noticed in the streets. If you want yourself that awesome French woman wardrobe, then you better see this compilation of the best suggestions to start your fashion journey. You are going to see outstanding editors, bloggers, models and stylists images where they appear in the streets of Paris wearing absolutely gorgeous clothing combinations. The first rule of French-inspired looks is the focus on interesting shapes and textures, but keep it simple, without too many embellishments.

Parisian Chic Street Style - Dress Like A French Woman (1)

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That’s a wow effect look that consists of a black fur beret and black-white checkered coat.

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Best Street Style Looks At Couture Fashion Shows

Let’s see the best street style looks what were captured during Couture fashion shows this 2018. Photographer Tommy Ton did really great shots. We see amazing looks, including dandy-tomboys, mannish tailored essentials, 1990’s inspired suits, turtlenecks with tailored coats, urban hipsters, swingy retro inspired outerwear, neon details, nomad touches, modern grunge looks and eye-catching accessories. All these outfits were snapped in Paris. I felt in love with almost every outfit. I like the eccentric touches, classic cuts, fashion-forward accessories and simple silhouettes. By the way I really die for that beanie which looks like a baseball hat worn backwards. Thank you Style.com and thank you Tommy for sharing all these looks. Hope you will get a great inspiration by these trendy street style looks.

Spring 2015 & Fall-Winter 2015 Best Paris Street Style Looks (1)

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