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How To Wear: Green Army (Military) Jackets

The great thing about army jacket is the powerful look what makes your overall outfit look mannish and really sophisticated. In today’s article I want to share with you some of the best ways how to wear this military style cover-up with your everyday separates. This outerwear is extremely versatile, as you can incorporate it with any garment, I mean you can go for grunge, glamour, tomboy, punk or even professional and office-appropriate. You can even style it with your best accessories. I tell you honestly, this jacket is one of my top must-haves for this year. I have gathered awesome designs for you, starting from khaki olive tailored ones to green casual versions.

Green Army (Military) Jackets Street Style (1)

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That’s my favorite ultra-fresh look consisting of mirrored sunnies, bright white quilted top, and a casual army jacket.

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Street Style Green Outfits

Let’s speak about one color outfits! In today’s post I am going to share with you these stunning street style green color outfits. This year is all about vivid shades and electric colors. Indeed, green is all about vibrancy and freshness. Some may say, you look like a giant insect, though it’s a real must-have for those ladies who love making experiments.

Street Style Green Outfits (1)

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We see deep V-neck mint green dress in lightweight fabric. Try it on with colorful shoulder bag and statement sunglasses on.

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26 Awesome Outfit Ideas What To Wear For St. Patrick’s Day

Today I’ve got an awesome Polyvore compilation for ladies! I am going to share with you these 26 awesome outfit ideas what to wear for St. Patrick’s day. If you want to celebrate and enjoy the Irish cultural and religious feast, then you are more than welcomed to view these brilliant outfit ideas for the parades and dances. What is so special about this day outfits? They are green and shamrock.

26 Ideas of St Patrick’s Day Outfits For Women (1)

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Make some fun with a white T-shirt, buttoned green cardigan and cool slim-fit jeans. Love the trainers.

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Women’s Office Wardrobe Looks In Emerald Green Shades

Let’s be honest, most of us are working ladies who always look for something new and fresh to wear. Today I bring you this awesome women’s office wardrobe looks compilation, where ladies appear in emerald green shades clothes and accessories. This color is very sophisticated and very hard to combine, but once you make it perfect, then everything looks perfect. You don’t need any accessory, as emerald takes all the attention. You can mix it up with black, grey, brown and other dark hues. Hope these images will inspire you to find the right outfit combination for your next working week. By the way, many global companies and banks have strict dress codes, so you can add some accessories, like a scarf or a bag. Anyway, let’s have a look at these marvelous images:

Women's Office Wardrobe Looks In Emerald Green Shades (1)

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When it’s spring outside, then you can go for this beautiful lightweight belted dress updated with cool mini clutch and eye-catching heeled sandals.

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