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How To Style: Grey Color Outfits For Cold Weather

When it feels like you want to try something darker and ideal for your everyday wear. The today’s post is all about grey color outfits for cold weather wear. I want to share with you my personal favorite ideas on how to wear this beautiful color in the streets, work and parties. Use your imagination and think of all possible 50 shades of grey. GREY is a massive trend these days and I am dying to share with you cold weather outfit ideas. You can either incorporate grey with other colors, either go totally in grey, replacing all-black and all-white looks. I think it’s a very elegant shade what has an elegant touch of sophistication. It’s like a black and white color photo, what may be not on trend, but still in fashion.

Grey Color Outfits For Cold Weather (1)

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That’s a fabulous oversized light grey coat worn atop grey turtleneck sweater-dress styled with mohair V-neck sweater.

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Plus Size Bloggers Street Style Looks

If you ain’t having 90-60-90 body shape, then you shouldn’t worry about that. Why? Take a look at these plus size bloggers and have yourself a great inspiration from their street style looks. All these pretty curvy girls and ladies urge everyone to love their bodies and be in trend. This decade comes with skinny celebrities and it’s unfashionable to have an overweight. But the following ladies in the images below feel their selves self-confident with all those extra pounds. They have their own blogs where they show their new clothes. Some will say- curvy women should loose some weight before showing off their fat bellies, though I would say it’s better to start loving ourselves as we are. These XXL sized fashion bloggers follow all the latest trends and they are not shy of their bodies. I love them!

Plus Size Bloggers Street Style Looks (1)

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Twee Valley High blogger from Brooklyn has a real nostalgia about those retro times. She adores wearing creative hats, silk scarves, retro prints. She chooses ideal make-ups and hairstyles. We see cat eyes, braids and ideal red lips.

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How To Be Hot: Plunging Necklines & Low Cuts

Fuck it! Make it hot, sexy and crazy! In today’s post I want to show you how to be hot wearing plunging necklines and low cut tops. Sometimes we want to look sultry and hot, by revealing our femininity, without hiding our skin, am I right? Well, it’s a rhetorical question, as I am totally, fucking right! And I know it. So, we are here to show you some of the best tips, looks and ideas for your inspiration. It’s no secret, there are lots of VIP, celebrities, actresses and singers appear on the catwalks, red carpet shows and in the streets wearing V-plunging tops, jumpsuits, dresses and blouses.

Plunging Necklines & Low Cuts (1)

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How To Wear Lace Outfits In Summer

The today’s post is about how to wear lace outfits in the summer. I am going to show you some of the best looks and clothing combinations, including sheer designs that are great for showing off your lingerie and swim wear, as well as layered looks for making a sexy walk in the streets. Some ladies hate lace for its transparency, though if you will look at this fabrics on the other hand, then you might notice the glamorous touch that is great for making a real statement in the crowd.

Lace Outfits Street Style Looks (1)

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Keep it sporty and modern by wearing a black wide-neck tunic paired with ripped denim shorts and accessorized with mirrored aviators, golden hue chain handle shoulder clutch.

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How To Wear Bodysuits In The Streets

Keep it cool, trendy and chic by wearing a sexy bodysuit this year. It looks this hot staple is making a huge comeback, as we see lots of beautiful chics around the world wearing it with their everyday staples. I would say it’s the same cool piece as a crop top, so you can combine it with sporty separates. What really drives me crazy about this staple is knowing that it is basically one-piece swimsuit made for the streets.

Bodysuits (24)

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Is this sexy? Definitely it is! It feels like we see a sheer white long sleeved top with cut sides tucked in boyfriend jeans.

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