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How To Wear: Flats For Women

If you want to wear something comfy, then I recommend to start from the shoes. In today’s article I want to share with you awesome ways how to wear women’s flats. This footwear is the best friend for those girls and ladies who have to be always in the run, I mean bloggers, nurses, bank workers and journalists. Of course, you might say now: “They do not need always be in the rush! Heels haven’t killed no body yet.” Well, you might be right in some, way, as sometimes we have lazy days, but no one knows when there be a real busy day. I am 100 % sure, there are ladies who are rally sick of wearing heels. Anyway, I’ve got this sexy collection of flats that every woman should own. If I’ve got your attention, then I think we can start our trip:

Flats (Shoes Styles) For Women (1)

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How To Wear Opaque Tights

How to wear opaque tights this year? In today’s post I want to share with you my personal inspiration from the streets where ladies appear in sexy opaque tights styled with awesome dresses, skirts and shorts. Looking through the photos, I came into conclusion: it’s better to avoid wearing midi-skirts with thick tights and wear them under shorts and shorter skirts. Go for fun 1970’s inspired looks, by adding furs and other layers.

Opaque Tights (1)

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Popped Collars Looks

For some reasons popped collars look extremely voguish. This update has that special 1970’s mood that makes every lady look irresistibly attractive. This update look awesome on jackets and coats. Just imagine yourself wearing popped collar trend around the town. Sometimes this trend helps to hide from the cold, but most women just want to look cooler.

Popped Collars (1)

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It’s a perfect embellishment, I would even say it’s an equivalent of awesome sunglasses. This 1970’s addiction comes with a retro cool touch making you look like a real rockstar. I personally feel myself like a kind of spy when my hands deep in my pockets. Of course you can try this trend with your favorite shirt or polo, but keep your attitude cool and casual. Plus, you can make some layers, wearing a jumper or sweater underneath your polo.

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How To Wear: Turtleneck Sweaters For Women

I’ve got some major trend for all of you! I am talking about turtleneck sweaters for women. It’s a perfect autumn and winter staple that is great for cold days wearing. When I hear word turtleneck I imagine granny chic styles, 1990’s crop models, chunky and oversized designs. Each one of these fabulous pieces is great for teaming with your everyday and special occasion apparel. The great thing about this piece is the fit, as you can try on fitted and loose-fit chunky styles without worrying about your overall look. I think you agree with me that turtlenecks have a mannish appearance, making its wearer look sophisticated and edgy.

Turtlenecks Sweaters For Women (1)

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This great top achieved its popularity back in 1960’s and 1970’s, then it was revived in the 1990’s. Nowadays, it’s a real explosion, as we see various styles and fashion updates, starting from retro chic looks to grunge glamour and boho chic designs. My personal favorites are those granny styles with oversized and chunky cuts.

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Must Have Tank Tops To Wear This Year

Speaking of basic garments, then I want to draw your attention to must have tank tops to wear this year that will surely make you noticeable in the crowd. This piece can be found in every woman’s closet. This is a real savior during hot days. You can wear it with cool layering pieces. You can go sexy by wearing a cropped tank top with street style appropriate garments. You can try it underneath a jacket or a cool sweater for a cozy update.


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Here we see an adorable burgundy lingerie top with spaghetti straps that is styled with black slim fit trousers and cool aviator sunglasses.

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What Poncho To Wear This Year

If you are tired of sweaters, then I’ve got a perfect solution for you darling! Why don’t you try on poncho to wear this year. It’s a cozy fabric garment that looks casual, but can be styled with formal garments. It’s an amazing update for those ladies who want a comfortable outer garment that would fit their everyday essentials. I love this piece for a very boho-chic look. There are countless ways to keep you warm and stylish with this amazing layering piece. Indeed, there are thousands of tricks to look stylish.


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How about wearing all black? This look will surely make you sophisticated and very chic.

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