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Modern Victorian Era Fashion Trends

I’ve already shared with you my favorite Victorian era inspired looks. In today’s blog post I want you to take a close up look through modern Victorian era fashion trends and see what’s popular nowadays. This year we still have delicate lace, floral appliqués, brocade, gilded embroidery, silk and velvet fabrics. Scroll down to see more Victorian-fashion ideas.


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Winter Party Outfit Ideas For Women

It’s time to speak about this Winter party outfit ideas. No matter if it’s Christmas or any other kind of winter party, family dinners, movie nights or any other social event, there will always be great ideas of awesome looks to create this year. Sure, you can go fully black, sequined or brightly colored, but if you want to see more options, then you are more than welcome to look through this awesome guide. Anyway, read on to see all my favorites and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Winter Party Outfit Ideas For Women (1)

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Sunny Day Outfit Ideas For Fall

We all love street style fashion…but I have noticed one thing: there are only seasonal ideas. What if we want to see sunny day outfit ideas for fall? No worries, as FashionGum.com is here to share with you some a gorgeous fashion parade to get inspired by. Thanks God we have Internet, as I see so many stylish people lately. Scroll down to see seriously rad street style ideas to wear this sunny Autumn.

Sunny Day Outfit Ideas For Fall (1)

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This stylish striped pullover will attract everyone’s attention. Pair it with a sophisticated asymmetrical wrap black leather skirt.

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Velvet Outfits For Women: Say Hello To 1970’s

This Fall we all gonna say a BIG hello to velvet, as it’s back in trend. Brands and fashion designers offering us pretty much of everything, starting from jacquard blazers to pantsuits, dresses and coats. The head to toe velvet look is a perfect choice this Autumn. So, this magic trend hits back the streets and you can not hide from it, so you better get used to it, my dear fashionista!

Velvet Outfits For Women (1)

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Jacquard purple blazer with statement buttons looks impressive!

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Back To School Outfit Ideas

I want you to be honest with me…have you ever thought about coming back to school? I tell you honestly, sometimes I think about the way I dressed back in those times and I start to blame myself! Why? There are so many gorgeous ideas, what you can follow these days, but I was wearing Backstreet Boys printed sweaters, ugh! Thanks to Internet and street style bloggers we have chance to get some inspiration and structurize our dream back to school outfit! In this post I gonna share with you my top 30 stylish outfits to wear from school to work. The end of summer is the starting point of a new semester, that’s why you better be ready in full force.

Back To School Outfit Ideas (1)

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White and Black? Why not! Go for basic shirts and tees and style them with cool black leggings, ripped jeans and statement footwear, like sneakers and chunky sandals.

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What To Wear To A Rooftop Party – Best Style Ideas

We have a Rooftop Party situation here! Yes, we are going to speak about best style ideas of clothes what you can wear to a rooftop party this year. First of all, be natural, do not overdo with your style, otherwise you will look like a cheap girl. No matter if it’s a summer, fall or winter party, you have to dress according to the weather. Frankly speaking, there are thousands and thousands of awesome rooftop party outfits, all you have to do is to use just a bit of your imagination. Are you interested? Then keep on reading and find the one and only look what will ideally suit your next rooftop party.

What To Wear To A Rooftop Party - Best Style Ideas (1)

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You can go for a cool green sequined dress, or you can keep sequined silver mini skirt and style it with layers or try on a perfect LBD.

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Unboring Fall and Winter Polyvore Ideas For Ladies

Are you looking for unboring Autumn and Winter fashion style ideas? If yes, then I am more than happy to share with you this marvelous compilation of awesome Polyvore ideas to follow this year. Yes, I know, some of you might say there is nothing original lately, BUT take a closer look at these great styles and choose some of your favorites. Believe me, you are going to fall in love with most of these wardrobe combos.

Unboring Fall and Winter Polyvore Ideas For Ladies (1)

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The grey pullover will ideally fit ripped jeans and light red espadrilles. Complete the look by adding black and white striped wrap scarf and ladylike accessories.

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Sporty Chic Style and Outfit Ideas For Ladies

This Fall we are going to see fabulous new sporty chic style ideas on the streets. I made marvelous Polyvore sets for your one and only inspiration. As you can see, there are many easy combos what you can mix up together, by pairing casual and athletic essentials. Life is too short for wearing boring clothes, that’s why you better think of something bold and functional. Today’s fashion appreciates the beauty of sportswear. You can finally wear something comfortable and sexy at the same time. Read on and see how you can master the sport chic style, staying effortlessly cool, feminine and chic.

Sporty Outfit Looks For Ladies (1)

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Keep it dark and bright. We see printed cropped perforated tee worn with high-rise skinnies, pom pom beanie and athletic runners. The color palette of this outfit features black, red and white hues.

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Outfit of the Day: Lazy Sunday

Today’s outfit of the day (OOTD) is lazy Sunday’s look. What does Sunday means to you? Personally, it’s a lazy day for me, when I can think over what I have done during the week, I can read my favorite books, watch TV or go out for a little walk with my friends. So, let’s start from the very beginning: you get out of the bed and have some food. Now it’s time to get dressed. I always choose relaxing and simple outfit ideas. Have a look at this inspirational Polyvore sets compilation and choose your favorite looks to copy for the next Lazy Sunday:

Lazy Sunday Outfit Ideas For Women (1)

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Zip collar grey pullover looks awesome styled with black leggings and high uggs.

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Fashion Ideas For Women Over 40

Today we are going to talk about fashion clothing ideas for women over 40. Have you noticed that in some pictures you look washed out, heavy, old than you actually are? The reason is you are wearing clothes that conflict with your natural beauty. The thing is, younger girls can easily pull off trendy outfits and still look pretty good, but the older ladies have to wear only those outfits what really make them look beautiful (the wrong style will age you fast). I have to say that not every woman over 40 can wear bright or totally printed outfits and look good, yep, some of you might look ridiculous. Nevertherless, the most important tip of buying clothes for women over 40 is to never say: “I am too old to wear this again!” Buy the things what you love and feel comfortable.

Fashion Ideas For Women Over 40 (1)

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We see a cream white wrap cardigan worn atop cream tailored belted blouse styled with pleated black trousers, cute handbag and peep-toe cream patent cuffed heels. This outfit will ideally fit business ladies who are always on the rush.

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