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Work-Wear Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own

What is the secret of looking chic and ladylike at work? Today we are going to see work wear wardrobe essentials what you should own this year. If you want to create a perfect office friendly look, then you better use classic essentials as your fundamental basics and just then adding modern details and clothes. The best practice so far is the copying of your favorite office looks, that’s why I have created these marvelous Polyvore sets for your inspiration. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Work-Wear Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own (1)

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Okay darling. Here we see a bright yellow blazer what ideally suits white shirt tucked in grey black pencil skirt. Complete the look by adding green jewelry, glossy navy pointed-toe pumps and color blocking tote bag.

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12 Summer Weekend Outfit Ideas for People Who Dont Wear Dresses and Skirts

Boyfriend jeans

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If you are not that girl who likes to wear dresses and skirts, then I am here to show you my personal favorites of summer weekend outfit ideas consisting of jeans and shorts bottoms. There are tons of terrific casual summer outfits that you can try on this weekend. Here are 12 summer wardrobe ideas that can be worn from the streets to casual parties. You are going to see dark blue pleated jeans styled with embellished tank tops, pretty flares paired with polka dot blouses, denim cut-offs styled with smart-casual tops, striped blazers paired with straight jeans and many other interesting combos.

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Lazy Sundays Looks

Fashion Reboot. Are you ready for lazy Sundays look? If yes, then I am here to share with you my favorite simple outfit sets made in Polyvore. Just imagine a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun is shining and the weather is good. What you need is the casual, sweet and ladylike outfit, what is comfy and light. Personally, I am so in love with loose-fit pants worn with embroidered tops, it’s a perfect combo for an afternoon casual walk in the park or chill out at home.

Lazy Sundays Looks (1)

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Sweet pink cropped tank top looks fabtastic styled with black shorts and brown leather thong sandals.

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Hipster Summer Outfits

Hipsters here, hipsters there, hipsters everywhere! In today’s post I want you to have a look through my personal ideas on how to wear hipster outfits this summer. I have gathered my personal favorite Polyvore fashion sets, so you can see, how to combine one piece with another.

Hipster Summer Outfits - Polyvore Inspiration (1)

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That’s a perfect look for a casual day. We see a white dress completed with a flannel shirt, brown leather ankle-boots and flowery headpiece.

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How to Look like an Off-Duty Model

From the catwalks to the sidewalk. If you keep on asking yourself how to look like an off-duty model look, then I am here to help you dear. Today I am ready to share with you all the street style outfits to get inspired by for creating an impeccable off-duty model look. Looking through super models street style images, it’s quite easy to find the right outfit. The best way to get inspired by models is to view street style images before major fashion weeks. I am obsessed with chic off-duty uniforms and leggy ladies who are clad in moto-jackets, skinny jeans and bold boots. See how these runway ladies appear in the streets before shows wearing effortless, must-have season essentials.

How to Look like an Off-Duty Model (1)

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White tops and black bottoms. We see models who wear pretty white shirts paired with ripped black skinnies and leather black tight trousers.

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Sunday Church Outfit Ideas

When picking out Sunday church clothing the first important thing is to consider comfort. The point of church outfits is to feel free and comfortable. Yes, you have to choose an array of easy to wear clothes. I am not saying you have to wear flip flops, shorts and ripped tees, but you have to feel confident and think only about God, so nothing disturbs your feelings and thoughts.

Sunday Church Outfit Ideas (1)

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We see lady who is wearing a light grey pullover atop white shirt paired with high-rise flared skirt and nude pumps.

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Patch Fashion Inspiration

Patch it Up! Go bohemian or modern minimalist in stitched together multi-toned denim, leather and suede elbow patches. In today’s post I want to show you this year’s stand out patched clothes to wear this season. It’s all about eye-catching details and pieced together vintage vibe. The fashion world offers awesome ways to be creative, as we see patches showing up on jeans, jackets, bags and different kind of accessories. It’s fun to have our elbows finally take center spotlight.

Patch Fashion Inspiration (1)

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Backside buttoned cardigan with elbow patches looks awesome. Try it on atop your favorite white T-shirt paired with indigo jeans.

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