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Chic Milan Street Style

There are so many fashion editors, models, and voguish enthusiasts alike are hitting the streets of Milan, showing their beautiful outfits. In today’s article I want to draw your attention to my personal favorite street style looks from Milan. Hope these ideas and style tips will help you to shop similar pieces for your next city walk.

Chic Milan Street Style - Italian Fashion (1)

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Here we see a totally black look what consists of a perforated leather tee, black bra, two side-slit maxi skirt.

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How to Dress Like An Italian Woman

Sicilian Seduction, Italian style and Hot Rome in on my mind. Today we are going to observe best ideas and tips on how to dress like an Italian woman this year. It’s no secret, Italians take great pride in the way they look, walk, eat and dress. No matter, if they have to go out for just 5 min., or popping out for a pint of milk, they will dress elegant and smartly. Describing Italian women, I have several thoughts in my mind and it’s easygoing sex appeal and bombshell look. One thing I can not understand, how can they look both relaxed and elegant, as I always wondering, if this or that woman just woke up like this, or did it take her several hours preparing for such a sexy look?

How to Dress Like An Italian Woman (1)

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Italian Girl Street Style

If you are looking for best street style looks, then I know what is the best place for your inspiration, it’s Italy, my dear fashion reader! It’s one of the Fashion countries, what brings only the best style ideas to follow. Today I bring to your attention a perfect compilation of women’s street style images of Italian girls who were spotted in the streets of Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin, Verona, etc.

Milan Street Style - Italian Chic Fashion (1)

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We see a gorgeous lady wearing a light red lace strapless long dress styled with black pumps and matching clutch.

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