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Summer Hot List: Dress Out

This 2018 summer hot list! When hot days are almost here, every lady wants to buy something unique, fashionable and comfortable, right? In today’s article I want to say couple things about modern summer dresses and the ways to wear them in your everyday life. You are going to see some of the best ideas to achieve the one and only look to wear from beaches to special parties. Many fashion brands offer us gorgeous gowns with bold prints and extended lengths. Here is shown a mixed print maxi dress made of chiffon fabric.


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Style Trends: Dressing in Nude and Beige Outfits

Keep it sexy and sophisticated, as we are here to observe new 2018 trends. In today’s article I want to draw your attention to nude and beige colored outfits. I am talking about various shades of nude color staples, starting from beige, cream, brown and everything in between. It’s quite a massive trend in today’s fashion what gives you an understated elegance. It can look either glamour, polished, edgy or boho chic, everything depends on your style.

Nude and Beige Outfits - 2015 Street Style Trends (1)

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Spring Inspired Street Style

Talking about 2018 spring inspired street style, then I think it’s better to look through these awesome images of Mesi and Panni, two girls who rule Hungarian fashion blog named Style and Blog. Looking through ladies spring outfits, then I see denim, florals, pastel colors and statement neckpieces. Every outfit looks unique and extremely individual. I think it’s better to look through all these trendy must-haves to get the idea of this hot season’s best outfits. Anyway, let’s scroll down and see what is the best outfit to choose:

2015 Spring Inspired Street Style (1)

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Make it pastel and flowery. Go for a cool white blazer, semi-sheer white shirt tucked in slim-fit faded floral jeans and finish the look by adding mirrored aviator sunglasses and sexy pumps.

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Chic Black Leather Looks

Okay, ladies! This time I want to show you my personal chic black colored leather looks to wear in the streets of big cities. I bet, you are going to be wowed by the beauty of these edgy outfits. When I hear words BLACK and Leather, I automatically imagine grunge, rock and sex. Need to say, total black looks featuring leather garments make me feel horny, not only because of the color, but due to the dark spirit, BDSM and biker touches. In this post I tried to collect pretty glamour looks ideal for office hours, street walks, casual weekends and night outs. I think you are going totally fall in love with these minimalistic-casual outfits.

Chic Black Leather Looks (1)

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We see a lady who appears in awesome biker jacket worn atop crop top styled with a high-waisted leather pencil skirt.

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How To Wear Black Leather Jacket This Spring

There are some pretty clothes that can make you look fashionable and stylish. Today, we are going to speak about one of these staples. Yes, I am talking about black leather jacket. You are going to see various awesome ways how to wear black leather jacket this spring. It’s a great layering piece that will keep you warm and trendy. This year many designers offer amazing styles, starting from cropped to quilted, studded and perforated ones.

Black Leather Jackets Street Style (9)

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How To Wear: Marching Band Jackets For Women

I’ve got something awesome to share with you tonight. Today, we are going to observe interesting ideas on how to wear marching band jackets for women. It’s a fabulous obsession that makes you look creative and unique. Once you buy yourself this kind of cover-up you can finally style it with your favorite apparel. I want to show you best updates that can be mixed and matched with this jacket. This vintage piece can be paired with casual and evening appropriate looks. All you have to know is how to combine it with your lovely basics. Anyway, let’s have a closer look and make some notes, right?

Band Jackets For Women (1)

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How about this awesome navy design worn with classic black tee tucked in cool light blue skinnies.

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Women’s Jacket Styles To Wear This Spring

Okay sexy ladies! I’ve got a stunning collection for you tonight! We have chance to look through women’s jackets styles to wear this spring season. You are gonna be amazed by the following hot designs. All images were taken in the streets of big cities. In this compilation I tried to collect urban, glamour, work appropriate and fashion statement styles to wear from day to night hours. Each cover-up looks pretty cool. Here are shown awesome denim looks, long outerwear, kimono inspired designs, printed essentials, as well as bombers and varsity jackets. If you want to make a statement in the streets, then I highly recommend to look through these sexy and edgy updates.

Women's Jackets, Coats & Blazers To Wear This Spring (1)

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Here we see a grey white blazer worn atop casual deep V-neck blue sweater tucked in washed skinnies.

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How To Wear Floral Blazers

When it feels like you wanna wear something sweet, voguish and pretty glamour. If it feels so, then I recommend to try on floral blazer. Today, we are going to speak about how to wear floral blazer in the streets. I personally in love with modern floral explosion. There are numerous of fabulous floral blazers that are ideal for wearing from work to cocktail parties. Florals can be colored in various colors and shades matching the overall look of your outfit. In this post you are going to find lovely combinations of floral blazers and ladylike bottoms. This print is still on the rise, that’s why it’s okay to wear the ones that you have already bought last year. If you think it’s hard to match it with the rest of your clothes, then you are not right, darling. Check out this compilation and choose your favorites:

Floral Blazers (1)

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The slouchy lightly printed version can be worn with simple white tee and black leather mini shorts. Finish the look by adding a pale turquoise suede clutch.

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34 Ways To Wear A Leather Jacket For Women

When it’s getting warmer you need something transitional, right? In today’s post I want to share with you 34 ways to wear a leather jacket for women staying voguish and trendy. Some of you might say there are thousands of other great cover-ups that look the same cool and pretty as leather jackets. Well, you are right, but what if you want something timeless and versatile that will suit any style? Exactly, leather jacket is the most versatile piece in any transitional wardrobe, no matter if it’s real leather or faux one.

Leather Jackets For Women - Street Style (1)

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Keep it totally black by wearing a nice Perfecto, casual tee, lace perforated mini leather shorts, backpack and hi-tops.

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