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Lingerie Fashion Trend (Street Style)

Please welcome lingerie trend is here and you better try it on this 2018! In today’s blog post I want everyone to see my favorite street style inspired Polyvore fashion sets featuring awesome lingerie must-tries. Underwear has always been present in fashion, it was seen in the form of lace embellishments, sheer paneling details, silken garments, bralettes, tops with strappy backs, sliptanks, as well as slip-dresses. We saw underwear worn as an outerwear. At first we were shocked and now we all die to wear it on the streets. Paradox? It’s FASHION! Actually, this is a super smart idea that eases fashion world and gives us plenty of amazing ideas how to make lingerie work with our everyday essentials. In this article I am going to show you easiest ways how to make a slip dress, silk top or lace basics work with different clothes and make it look perfect and daring during the day. Lingerie is not for the bedroom anymore! Why don’t you push the boundaries and try something original, sexy and luxe detailed. Enough blah-blah, let’s get down to Polyvore sets.


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We see a pretty bra top with strappy back worn with high-waisted light blue denim shorts and navy color cardigan. Complete this outfit by adding black leather slip-ons.

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How To Wear a Bralette

Go for a nice and sexy bralette this year. I think everyone is familiar with a crop top, right? It’s a popular top among girls lately. If you are among these girls, then you gonna love sexy and bold bralette. This top is only now gets really popular. My personal favorites are the strappy ones. You can wear them with anything you want, starting from shorts, and I mean denim, chinos, suede, cotton, etc.

Bralette (1)

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We see lingerie inspired spaghetti strap white bralette styled with tribal print shorts.

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Sexy Lingerie from La Senza

Make it Hot & Sexy! If you want yourself something sexy and naughty, then you better go for this 2018 sexy lingerie collection from La Senza. We’ve chance to see some of the best looks to try on this year. You are going to see here stunning bras, panties and intriguing women’s underwear, as well as nightclothes. I think every lady will fall in love with these amazing and playful designs. My personal favorites are unlined bodysuits, front close push ups, babydolls and chemises. It’s fair to sya, La Senza is one of the top brands for the hottest trends in bras, panties and playful nightwear. All in all, if you want to feel yourself younger and hotter than ever before, then I recommend you to look through these images.

2015 Sexy Lingerie from La Senza  (1)

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La Senza Bodysuits, Babydolls & Merrywidows For Special Occasions

Choose our sexy lingerie for this 2018. In today’s post I want you to take a closer look at some of the best bodysuits, babydolls and merrywidows for special occasions made by La Senza brand. You gonna love each one of these hot creations. We see lightweight fabrics, lace embroideries, mesh bodies, sexy colors and perfect details. All the showcased alternatives are versatile, as you can wear them from St. Valentines night to any other occasion (proms, weddings, New Year’s Eve, etc.). This collection looks subtly sexy and understated. All these pieces will surprise anyone in the bedroom. I am 100% sure your boyfriend/ husband will appreciate these stunning creations.

La Senza Lingerie 2015 For Special Occasions (1)

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