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How to Wear Long Sleeves in the Summer

I’ve got long-sleeve situation this Summer! If you are a fan of long-sleeves, then you are gonna love tis post! Today, I want to speak about best ways to wear long sleeves in the Summer time! The long-sleeve tops and dresses are ideal for cold summer, as well as for transitional weather days. It’s a perfect look for those ladies who adore summer-to-autumn outfits. By saying long-sleeves, I’m implying lightweight sweaters, jumpers, classy button-downs, sweatshirts, light jackets, knitted cardigans, etc. You might say these tops are meant only for transitional weather and fall seasons, but in real life, nature can act like a real B^&%$, you know!

How to Wear Long Sleeves in the Summer (1)

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A see-through knitted lightweight white sweater looks sexy paired with crispy white casual trousers.

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