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Military Trend Outfits: Best Combos To Try

Sometimes you get tired of wearing classic looks and you want to try something else, am I right? How about giving a try to military-inspired looks? In today’s blog post I want to share with you interesting women outfit ideas with military touches you can all give a try in 2018. This is not something new, but as you know, fashion moves like a spiral, that’s why we see already known elements in latest collections. Next 2018 is the comeback of army style. You gonna see military inspired jackets, slouchy khaki green sweatshirts, rompers, dresses, camouflage sweatpants, cargo toppers, military boots, etc. In other words saying think beyond standards and use a bit of your imagination to create something original. You better get in line with 2018 military trend, just take a close-up look through these stunning army ideas and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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What we’ve got here? A draped khaki-green jacket, combat boots in black leather worn with a striped top, high-waisted black skinnies and black leather backpack.

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Army Inspired Fashion Trend

Smells like Military Spirit. Hello everyone, in today’s blog post I want to show you my favorite military inspired collections you can try on next 2018. Think of khaki green, navy, black, army camouflage and military accents. Most fashion labels revamp this trend in their latest collections. It’s no wonder why feminism is so popular these days, girls run the world. We see army theme in almost every collection and it’s reinterpreted in various ways. The silhouette is kept ladylike, though military accents are added by large buttons, colors, epaulets, breast and cargo pockets. Anyway, take a close up look and choose your favorite combos.


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What do we have here? That’s a stunning halter neck khaki green dress styled with leather khaki green backpack and cool suede green army boots embellished with daisy florals.

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21 Badass Military Pants To Wear Everywhere You Want

If you are an army addicted It-girl, then I am more than happy to share with you these 22 badass military pants, what can be worn everywhere you want. The camouflage and khaki pants will update and fresh up your outfit, no matter if it’s an office look or smart-casual basics. It’s a perfect way to make a statement in the streets, letting know everyone who is the boss. I started to notice many top bloggers wearing camo prints. I was impressed by the way these ladies managed to style army bottoms in such brilliant ways making their everyday outfits look bright and edgy.

Street Style Military Pants and Army Trousers For Women (1)

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White T-shirt will ideally complement your badass skinny camouflage trousers styled with black flat shoes and spacious black leather handbag.

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How to Wear Khaki and Military Green Jackets and Coats

The army jacket is a perfect choice for those women who like to keep things basic, classy and edgy. These cover-ups are part of the military trend, what is so popular for the last couple seasons. In today’s article I am going to show you my personal favorite ways how to wear khaki and military green jackets and coats this year, especially during Fall and Winter seasons. This kind of style comes in so many various versions, starting from classic WW1 and WW2 silhouettes to contrast sleeve designs, shearling parkas and lightweight styles.

How to Wear Khaki and Military Green Outerwear (1)

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Make some fun by wearing a khaki olive hooded jacket styled with grey fit-and-flare sweatdress. Complete the look by adding wrap black and white printed scarf, long black knitted socks and laced up black combat boots.

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Street Style: Khaki Pants For Women

Today we are going to see awesome ways how to wear khaki pants in the streets this year. Why these pants are in trend right now? Well, it’s quite easy! They look fashionable, smart and versatile. This fabulous pair of bottoms are popular among country club golfers and horse riders, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in your everyday life, contrary, you can create any look you want. Go for a stunning street style look with one of the following styles and update them with right tops and accessories. Undoubtedly, khaki trousers make a very elegant and classy look. The color coordination requires some consideration, but the choice remains quite personal. Speaking of footwear, then you can try on various options, starting from sneakers, sandals and flats to boots, open toe style footwear, animal print, etc. All in all, khaki are ideal for various occasions, so you better take these ideas into you consideration:

Khaki Pants - Street Style For Women (1)

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How To Wear Military or Utility Jackets For Women

This time I am going to show you best ways how to wear military or utility jacket. These cover-ups are worn by everyone, starting from young girls to celebrities. This look dominates the catwalks and streets fashion. Thanks to modern designer brands, this outerwear piece will keep you safe from cold and won’t make you too warm if it’s a sunny day outside.

Military or Utility Jackets For Women (1)

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Army Spring Trend Military Looks For Women

What’s so special about military trend anyway? It makes you look sophisticated and voguish. But today we are going to speak about spring season army looks for women. These days military trend is having a glamorous, yet polished moment. I mean, women use army attire and accessories to express themselves. We see interesting fashion ideas appearing everywhere. Ladies love mixing-and-matching various styles together and army looks are strong enough to appear in every new season street styles. Wearing these clothes you automatically become powerful, rocky, bold and confident.

Army Spring Trend Military Looks For Women (1)

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Military Style On The Catwalk and In Streets

Let’s speak about military and army style. The camouflage is the print that identifies this trend. When woman wants to feel self-confident, strong and independent, she covers herself in those strong and masculine staples. It’s a very hot trend nowadays, I would even say it’s already timeless look that can be mixed and matched with other styles. I think 50% of well-known brands and designers have used military touches in their collections. You can either see those army touches in details, either feel that special inspiration which makes every jacket, bottom look strong. Really, this style makes every man or woman look stronger and confident. Speaking of catwalk, then I recommend you to take a look at some ready to wear collections and see those special details by yourself. If you are an addicted person and you want yourself as much as you can wear, then you should go totally military.

Military Style (1)

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