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How to Wear: Mirrored Sunglasses

I have already wrote about awesome ways of wearing aviator sunglasses, now it’s time to speak about mirrored sunglasses. I think every street style guide, any magazine and blog has at least one look what features mirrored sunglasses. This trend is absolute winner for summer season, but there are pretty awesome ways of wearing this trend during the fall months. I am totally in love with their reflective lenses what come in a wide range of colors and can be seen in so many shades shape styles. If it happened so that you still don’t own sunglasses this summer, then believe me, the best ones to buy are the mirrored sunnies. They are truly statement ones what automatically give you a statement look. I have rounded up stunning ideas with what to wear mirrored shades, so you better take a closer look through this compilation and let me know your thoughts:

Mirrored Sunglasses (1)

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The reflective lenses look awesome with colorful accessories and calm earth hued clothing. Yep, keep the rest of your outfit neutral and classic.

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