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How To Wear: Crop Top with Maxi Skirt

I have shared many posts featuring crop tops, but it seems like I almost forgot to show you how to wear it with maxi skirts. In this post we are going to see fabulous ideas what are great both for summer and winter wear. I think every girl and lady dreams of an outfit what can make everyone say: “WOW, I love it!” and I guess, crop top + maxi skirt is a great combo what will definitely make everyone say these words. Why is it so popular these days? First of all, it’s a versatile look what ideally suits almost every body shape, secondly, you can create almost any style, starting from classy to evening-appropriate, boho and grunge. You can wisely use your imagination, by creating something individual and adding your beautiful accessories.

How To Wear: Crop Top with Maxi Skirt 2023

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Hoe about choosing your separates in complementary colors? I like these two neutral colors.

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