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Can You Wear A Swimsuit As A Bodysuit

Long story short, YES you can wear a swimsuit as a bodysuit, just make sure it matches your style and other clothing staples. A monokini is not just another beachwear must-have, swimsuit makes its wearer look elegant, as well as feel stylish and self-confident.

Can You Wear A Swimsuit As A Bodysuit 2023

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1. This versatile black swimsuit can be worn with multiple looks. Try this black style with ripped light blue jeans and chiffon off-shoulder blouse. Complete this combo with gold sandals and black fedora hat.

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Dicker Swimwear For Summer

Brazilian fashion model Cintia Dicker stuns in her own Dicker swimwear campaign for this summer 2018 season. The brand was launched several months ago, but it seems it already has its debut on Instagram. The campaign takes place at the beach, where ginger appears in functional and modern pieces with plunging necklines and bold colors. Model looks breathless in her own creations. We see bright colors, one-pieces, monokinis as well as sultry bikinis. I love the way she poses in these awesome creations, showing off her toned and curvy body and wavy loose hair.

Dicker Swimwear For Summer 2023

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