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How To Wear Neon Outfits This Summer

Neon colors trend is everywhere this summer. If you still haven’t tried it, then I highly recommend to do so this year. In this post I am going to show you my favorite outfits what feature neon color garments. You are going to find out what to wear with neon color, what to occasion neon colors are appropriate for.

Neon Outfits and Street Style (1)

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Make it fresh and chic by wearing a spaghetti strap tank top in light yellow paired with high-rise knee-length skirt and a pair of Birkenstocks.

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How To Wear: Pink Skirts

This spring I’m obsessed with pink color! In today’s post I want to share with you my favorite pink skirts and best ways how to wear them in your everyday life. If you want to refresh your wardrobe, then pink color is a perfect choice what will immediately make you look fresh, sweet and ladylike.

Pink Skirts - Street Style  (1)

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Go for a white sleeveless top in black polka dots and style it with a midi pleated pink skirt. Complete the look by adding block heel white sandals and white clutch.

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Street Style: Pink Skirts

So, here you have it! Some say pink color looks too much sweet, but I think everything depends on your overall look, as you can make it more professional, edgy and evening appropriate. Before we start looking though possible street style ideas, I want to draw your attention to this year’s must-have pink skirts.

Pink Skirts - Street Style  (1)

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White lace top is tucked in blush midi skirt embellished with gold metallic belt. Love the heels and folder clutch.

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Pink Dresses Latest Styles

No matter what fashion experts say, but pink is ladies color what will always make you look fabulous, ladylike and sexy. In today’s article I’m going to share with you my favorite frock styles what come in different shades of pink, including neon, magneta, crimson, fuchsia, ruby and classic version. This year lots of fashion brands offering us fun and relaxed designs what are ideal for work, parties and many other occasions.

Pink Dresses  (1)

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Looking for glitzy and retro inspired look? We have it! Just look at this fabulous vintage-inspired dress with a high-neck and open back. Love the fit-and-flare look. The pink ensemble is updated with white polka dots.

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30 Ways To Mix Turquoise & Teal Work Clothes For Women

Let’s talk about various ways to wear turquoise and teal colors at work. Today’s topic is 30 awesome ways to mix teal and turquoise garments and incorporate them into work look. It’s no secret, turquoise is a very beautiful color what is considered to be a lucky hue in the Arabic countries. If you know how to wear it, then I am very happy for you, but I know ladies and friends who just make it all wrong.

Turquoise & Teal Work Clothes For Ladies (1)

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Keep it versatile, timeless and elegant by combining turquoise with ladylike and creamy outfits.

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