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Chic Nerd Looks

How to look nerd but stay chic and sexy? That’s a hard question, but I think there is a solution. Everything can be found in details. If you want to achieve a chic nerd look, then you have to follow several rules, or how I call them nerd details, what will make you look preppy, nerd but still sexy. For instance, you may wear a sexy mini flared skirt and lovely jumper or pullover, but once you add plastic optical glasses you automatically start to look like a glamour nerd girl, LOL. It’s no secret, nowadays nerd looks have become hottest styles. So, if you are a teen or a young lady, then I am sure, you die for trying this cool, chic nerd look. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at some stylish ideas and tips that can help you achieve the trendy nerd look.

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