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Pants For Fall-Winter: Essential Styles Every Lady Should Own

In today’s post, I am going to share with you essential styles of pants every lady show own this Fall 2018. I tell you honestly, I am not a huge fan of skirts and dresses, that’s why I love pants so much! I do have about million of different trousers that can be dressed up and down in cool ways. Even if you are not the same fan of pants as I am, you still should put these bottoms in your wardrobe, as there can be days when you get tired of the cocktail dresses and cute skirts and all you want is to hide your pretty legs and wear comfy trousers. Below are showcased my favorite Polyvore sets featuring essential Winter 2018-2019 pants that are both comfortable and stylish at the same time. You gonna see baggy pants, palazzo, high-waist designs, classy and retro inspired. So, why don’t you find ou what kind of pants you can wear next year and how you should style them.


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Grayish sweatpants look cute and sporty. Try on these bottoms paired with white button-down shirt and silver-metallic sandals.

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Wide Leg Pants: Classic Closet Must-Have

What I love about wide-leg pants is their versatility. Yes, almost any pair can either look business casual, professional or upgraded to be ready for wearing to cocktail parties. Of course, you should wisely choose your top and shoes in order to look put together. These bottoms are probably one of the biggest fashion trends this 2018, all probably because of the 1970’s nostalgia. You can easily elevate your look with a pair of flowing wide-leg pants. You can keep things cool no matter where you are, at work, backayrd barbeque, party or on the plane. These bottoms are great for day to night dressing. You can dress them up or down, all depends where you are going to. I do love them for their flattering silhouette that fits absolutely any body type. They can hide your belly and other heavy bottom areas. Sure, you need to find the right match, so your clothes look balanced. That’s why I am here to show you my favorite polyvore sets to get inspired by.


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These ones make a real vibrancy! Try on jungle floral print high-waisted wide leg trousers with a sexy black crop top and pointed-toe black pumps.

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Wide Leg Pants For Summer: Impressive Outfit Ideas

In this Polyvore sets collection we are going to observe next Summer 2018 outfit ideas featuring wide-leg pants. These fabulous bottoms can look casual, or dressy, everything depends on the way how you gonna style them. Of course, this trouser trend comes in various designs, including tailored, classic, high-waisted, low-slung, neutral colored, brightly printed, etc. Everything depends on where you gonna wear these pants, to the office or date night. I do recommend to opt for a cropped style for a night out, as ankle-length trousers look pretty chic with tight top, cropped jacket, shiny strappy heels or embroidered heeled sandals. High-waisted wide trousers ideally look with a top tucked in, no matter if it’s just a casual T-shirt or a classy blouse. This combo will easily take you from the office to after-hours parties. Another thing is wearing a wide-leg trouser suits. This will quickly update your style and make you stand-out and look like Bianca Jagger. Plus you can extend your silhouette by choosing a long-line suit jacket, just don’t go oversized. Summer seems the perfect time for wearing wide-leg pants, so why don’t you get inspired by these inspirational fashion sets.


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Wide tailored green ankle-length trousers look chic and glamour! Try them on with strappy lace-up black heeled sandals and white crop tank top.

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Sweatpants: How To Wear In Your Everyday Life

What is so special about sweatpants anyway? Forget about sexy shmexy looks and keep things relaxed and easy to style! I am not saying to get rid of chic and glamour dresses, but sometimes we all want and need simple and functional clothes. In today’s article I want to discuss sweatpants trend and how to make them look awesome this 2018. I definitely choose sweatpants, instead of super skinny jeans. Trust me, sweatpants are one of those bottoms that allow you to be comfortable in your environment. Indeed, when you are comfortable, you are happy and everything seems to shine and rise. by the way, sweats are sexy, if you know how to make them look hot. If you want to make your sweats look more stylish, then you definitely should take a look through these Polyvore sets. I am 100% sure there will be no problem for you to find looks that can make you look and feel super! One more thing: You can dress up sweats, all you need is to find a perfect combination.


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For those who love to wear loungewear, I recommend to try on these cute grey color sweatpants by teaming them with spaghetti strap pastel blue slip tank.

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Cool Loungewear Completed With Sweatpants

It’s official sweat days! Hello ladies, I am here today to show you amazing 2018 outfit ideas you can create with sweatpants. These bottoms are not only for wearing at the gym, but they also look great on the streets and casual parties, of course if you know how to style them right. Trust me, you can wear loungewear and still look amazing. If you don’t feel like getting dressed, then I am pretty sure you gonna love these outfit ideas. New silhouettes and prints are back in fashion, so why don’t you give these bottoms a try. Ahead are presented trendy Polyvore sets that can be easily copied. Every showcased look is fancy, relaxed and extremely comfortable.


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We see classic light grey sweatpants styled with a basic white T-shirt and suede cream-beige bomber. Complete this outfit by adding sporty white trainers.

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How To Wear Leggings And Look Chic

It’s time to make leggings look stylish again! Hello ladies! In today’s blog post I am going to show you my favorite Polyvore sets featuring all kinds of leggings. You gonna be wowed to see all these stunning 2018 outfit ideas, as I wanted to show you only the best looks to copy next year. These bottoms are considered to be perfect for creating casual weekend outfit, but I do have several ideas how to make them work for a night out. All you need is to take notes and be ready to risk. I love to see girls who create old school cool looks, by teaming simple neutral color leggings with sweaters, cropped pullovers and bright sneakers. You can create awesome looks ideal for plane trips, all you need is to pair cropped leggings with loose and flowy top and oversized scarf. If you are more into model off-duty style, then you should go for classic leggings and pair them with leather jacket and crop top or graphic tee. By the way, leggings can work with all kind of parkas. By the way, these bottoms can be upgraded with sheer duster jacket, just imagine yourself in such a look, sexy! All these tricks can make leggings look chic, you just need to know right combinations. There are many ways to wear them and look fashion forward. Don’t believe me, then you better have a look:


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These high-waisted floral bottoms look damn hot with a blush sleeveless top and pointed-toe black flat pumps.

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Approved Ways How to Wear Pants In Summer

Let’s talk about pants! I think they are the most functional bottoms you can find in the world of fashion. Good news, as I am here to share with you Summer 2018 trendy trousers you can wear in your everyday life, starting from casual street walks to music festivals and beach parties. It looks like next year is gonna be full of trendy wide-leg trousers, slim capris, all kind of prints, basic white must-haves, sporty leggings, pastel and bright color trousers, as well as jeans, etc. You gonna find standard and classic versions, as well as trendy and voguish styles that will make you look unique and sexy. Fashion retailers are crazy about prints, that’s why it’s no wonder why we see so many interesting designs in abstract and floral patterns. If you want to find out how to make these bottoms look balanced on you, then I recommend you to take a close-up look at these Polyvore sets and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Say hello to music festivals! All you need is these cool wide-leg boho printed trousers, cool clogs, knitted halter-neck khaki green crop top and fringed shoulder bag.

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Trend Report: Leather Trousers We Want Right Now

Trust me, you gonna love leather trousers after reading this post. This wardrobe staple is essential for every city girl. I would name them versatile must-have, as you can wear them from day to night with no drastic changes in your look. I found awesome outfits to get inspired by, so you better scroll down to see some of the best ideas to wear this trend right now.

Leather Trousers (1)

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Keep it basic and classy. Go for leather skinny pants and pair them with plain black top, glossy metal silvery pointed-toe pumps, green draped jacket and chunky necklaces.

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15 Cargo Pants For Work And Travels

Why do we love cargo pants? First of all, this garment is extremely functional, as you can put various things in side pockets and secondly, safari style made them very popular in recent years. In today’s post we are about to see 15 cargo pants, what are perfect for work and travels. You gonna be wowed by the versatility and feminine looks created thanks to these chic bottoms. Indeed, you can wear them to work and trips without any worries about the way you look in them. This trendy closet staple can be worn from office to a night out on the town, all you have to do is to think through your look, by choosing the right tops before you go.

Cargo Pants (1)

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Go for military light green slim-fit styles and try them on with black leather sandals, black top and black leather jacket. Keep them look smart-casual.

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21 Badass Military Pants To Wear Everywhere You Want

If you are an army addicted It-girl, then I am more than happy to share with you these 22 badass military pants, what can be worn everywhere you want. The camouflage and khaki pants will update and fresh up your outfit, no matter if it’s an office look or smart-casual basics. It’s a perfect way to make a statement in the streets, letting know everyone who is the boss. I started to notice many top bloggers wearing camo prints. I was impressed by the way these ladies managed to style army bottoms in such brilliant ways making their everyday outfits look bright and edgy.

Street Style Military Pants and Army Trousers For Women (1)

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White T-shirt will ideally complement your badass skinny camouflage trousers styled with black flat shoes and spacious black leather handbag.

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